Why I’m Not Worried About My Clinic During Lockdown Number 2


Happy November…

I’ve got something a little different for you today.

I’m in Houston with one of my golfers getting ready for the US Masters…

You’ve probably seen him,

All over my Facebook and that time on Twitter…with the balloon.

Yep that’s the one.

I’m proud to be able to work with him.

Back then, that photo represented a world-class athlete that lost confidence in his body.

He was told his pelvic was this, disc bulge that glutes this…

Over the space of two years, he has gone from relying on hand-on treatment after every round of golf…

…to go months without hands-on treatment.
He flew me out to Florida 4 times last year.

He flew me out to Ireland with him on a private jet the year before just to attend the Irish open.

He touched base with me a few times this year, for obvious reasons I didn’t see him but just recently he’s been back to my clinic in Huddersfield.

He now has complete confidence in his body again.

We had to build that back up for him.

Using the right exercises at the right time without needing to use hands-on to solve a movement problem.

Or said another way…

Understanding the ‘WHY’ behind everything you’re doing…and having complete confidence and clarity in your assessments

Resistance Training Min

Now, if you’re in England you know we’re heading into another lockdown on Thursday…

And if you’re not, I’m sure you’ve probably heard it on the news.

At this point you may worry, start to stress, panic.

The pandemic is affecting therapists and clinics in different ways.

It’s so important that you have the confidence and clarity throughout your assessments so you can design effective treatment plans.

I look at confidence this way…

Clarity => Confidence => Action

If you don’t have the clarity you can tell, and very often your patient knows it too.

Your tone of voice will change…

Your body language will change…

Your eye contact will shift…

And when you’re treating patients online this shines through even more.

There are 5 tips that I follow strictly so I have clarity with every patient.

1: Understand the ‘WHY’ behind everything you’re doing

2: Gain a structured step by step system

3: Be able to apply the knowledge you’re consuming

4: Use key performance indicators to hold yourself accountable

5: Get a support network or mentor and don’t be afraid to ask for help

These 5 points give me the confidence to be in control of the situation…

To guarantee I know and can reach the outcome for my patients…

And it’s these 5 points that give me confidence to work with the world’s best athletes…in another country…

Away from my clinic…

Knowing that it’s going to continue to thrive even through the next lockdown starting Thursday…

Knowing that I don’t have to check in with my practice manager as I know my therapist diaries will be consistently busy.

Busy Clinic Blog Image Min

It’s why I’ve put on a limited number of CPD calls this month.

To give you the opportunity to increase your clinical reasoning skills so that you can pinpoint the true cause of your patients pain…

So you can gain the confidence and clarity in your assessments and truly understand the ‘WHY’ behind everything you do.

Take this opportunity whilst you can,
Make these last 2 months count and give yourself the best possible start ready for 2021.

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We’ve put time aside this week…

To show you how to rapidly increase confidence and clarity in your clinical reasoning in 90 days or less.

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P.S. There’s nothing to buy in this call. You can take my word on that.

Secondly, my goal is to leave you better than when I found you.

This is done by giving you ONE thing.
It’s simple



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