Private Practice Physio Mentorship For Therapists Who Want To Grow!

Happy Patients, Happy Staff, High Profits & Happy Life

Deliver Exceptional Clinical Results, Create A World-Class Patient Experience, And Ethically Grow A Profitable Practice That Gives You True Freedom

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

New Patient Systems & Funnels
Therapist & Admin Training
Clinic Owner Mentorship
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New Patient Systems & Funnels
Therapist & Admin Training
Clinic Owner Mentorship
This System Is Trusted By...

Your diary is busy and you are working 40-50+ hours per week…

Mostly filled with treating patients, hence having to spend time outside of the clinic working on the business side of things just to keep afloat.

So you decide to hire more people (therapists and admin) to give you more free time.

Problem is you give your therapist a diary full of patients only to find it is empty again a few weeks later so you end up seeing even more patients to be able to pay the extra wage bill.

Your admin is not doing things ‘correctly’ and it’s just ‘quicker’ for you to do it yourself.

This leads to you experiencing stress, fear of failure, overwhelming anxiety and even burnout.

You may even find yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to rely on someone to take leadership and responsibility and help drive the clinic forward.

And to make things even worse, now the majority of patients only want to be treated by you.

Your physios aren’t generating enough re-books from initial assessments or are unable to ethically keep patients progressing for more than 3-4 sessions per patient.

All of a sudden, your wages to revenue percentage is way too high and the clinic can’t generate enough profit now. Your outgoings are too high and it doesn’t leave much money left over for your own wage.

Before you know it…

You are earning less money than the rest of your staff while carrying all the risk and working twice as many hours!

How do I know this scenario?

Because this was my very own story.

If you are also experiencing a similar situation then repeat after me:

“Something has to change now!”

The Complete Clinical & Business Systems That Ethically Fill Your Therapist's Diaries And Gives Your Practice A Competitive Edge In Your Community…

Testimonials and steps showing how the Private Practice Physio Mentorship helps physios

Attracting new patients is just the beginning of building a thriving, impactful practice. To truly become the 'go-to' clinic in your community, you need a comprehensive system that nurtures patients at every stage of their journey.

From that initial contact through to achieving great results, earning rave reviews, and generating referrals, each step is an opportunity to exceed expectations and create loyal advocates for your practice.

The 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program provides you with the proven clinical and business frameworks to deliver a world-class patient experience from start to finish. Our step-by-step approach ensures no patient falls through the cracks and every interaction strengthens your reputation as the ‘Go-To’ Clinic in your community.

By mastering this complete patient lifecycle, you'll build a stable, profitable practice that makes a lasting difference in people's lives - and keeps them coming back whenever they need your help.

The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mentorship eliminates the guesswork and overwhelm that hold so many therapists back from delivering consistent exceptional care.

Follow The Exact Same Plan That Allowed Me The Freedom To Leave My Clinic For Months At A Time To Attend 3 Different World Cups…

Dave O’Sullivan, Private Practice owner And Sports Physiotherapist at Rugby World Cups in Japan, France and Australia

The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mentorship Programme was introduced to help more clinic owners avoid the problems I ran into when I went from a solo practitioner to hiring staff.

It is the exact same plan that allowed me to finally break free and travel to the other side of the world for months at a time while my clinic continued to grow without me.

Specifically for your situation, its goal is to help you become a ‘Go-To’ Clinic owner, at the helm of a business that delivers for you, your patients and your staff.

It's a 'holistic' programme which tackles all aspects of building a successful and scalable clinic – not just the marketing.

Critically the unique ‘ProSport Head Physio Clinical Systems’ ensures your clinic's profits and growth is built on a foundation of happy patients.

The programme not only gives you all the tools, templates and systems yet also trains your therapists to transform into skilled private practice clinicians.


Because a ‘Go-To’ Clinic’s profit is not built on how many patients you can get through the door, it is built on how many you can keep progressing (ethically!).

And on top of all this we give you all the marketing systems, funnels, landing pages powered by cutting edge AI so you really have everything you need to confidently scale your business.

This programme truly is one of a kind that delivers you the financial and strategic clarity to grow your clinically ethically without overwhelm or costly mistakes.


Dave O’Sullivan
Clinic Owner, Mentor & ProSport Physio

Here Is What The 'Go-To' Clinic Operating System Will Do To Ethically Grow Your Profits

The Go To Clinic Mentorship graphic showing the results businesses can expect and how the business will grow ethically
  • Create a seamless patient journey from initial contact to final session
  • Ensure your patient shows up to the first session already ‘bought in’ to your process
  • Ethically increase patient visit average
  • Minimise cancellations and ‘no-shows’
  • Generate a steady stream of 5-star reviews and word-of-mouth referrals
  • Build a loyal patient base and a thriving, profitable practice

By mastering this powerful combination of clinical and business skills, your team will be able to differentiate themselves as the 'Go-To' Clinic in your community.

You'll create a synergistic effect that amplifies your impact and success fast.

Your teams exceptional clinical results will fuel your business growth, while your streamlined operations will allow you to focus on working on the business.

Here Is What All This Means For You And Your Business As You Hire More Staff As Your Clinic Continues To Grow…

  • A standard of care across the practice
  • Protects the reputation of your practice
  • Onboarding therapists becomes easier
  • Delegation becomes easy to other therapists
  • Patients are happy to see other therapists because they are getting results
  • Easier to grow the clinic without having to stress about finding more new patients each week
  • Can leave the clinic for weeks at a time without everything falling apart

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

Attract New Patients, Get Them To Show Up ‘Pre-Sold’ And Keep Them Progressing All The Way To The Final Session

The ‘Go-To’ Method showing 6 Core Business Operating Systems That Ensure You Deliver A Consistent World Class Patient Experience That Earns Reviews, Referrals And Lifelong Raving Fans

The 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is designed to be a complete, all-in-one solution for private practice therapists who want to grow.

Our curriculum covers every aspect of building a successful practice, from consistently and predictably attracting new patients to having them show up already ‘bought-in’ to your process to keeping them progressing all the way to the final session.

You’ll have the systems and tools for pre-appointment onboarding to post-discharge follow-up.

Each module is carefully crafted to build upon the previous one, creating a logical, easy-to-follow path towards clinical and business mastery. You'll learn:

Clinical Excellence
Complete Clinical Step By Step System

Access a framework to ‘troubleshoot’ any trick case and confidently help any patient who walks through your door.

Difficult Patients Forum

Never feel isolated again. Get real time support so you always know where you are going next with every patient.

Coaching & Mentoring

Avoid mistakes and speed up the time it takes you to get to where you want to be with coaching and mentoring from someone who was in your shoes.

Business Mastery
Complete Business Step By Step System

Exceed your patients expectations every time and gain ‘buy-in’ and adherence before they even arrive for the first session.

Software Tools & Automations

Proven software and tools that save you time and money and allow you to do what you do best and deliver exceptional patient results.

Community Of Like Minded Therapists

Surround yourself with driven, ambitious clinic owners just like you to bounce ideas off and save years of figuring it out yourself.

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

Here’s Everything You’ll Get As A Member Of The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mentorship…

  • Access To Our ‘Go-To’ Physio Complete Clinical Step By Step System
  • Access To Our Outcomes Focused ‘Go-To’ Physio Hub Clinical Software
  • Pre-Assessment Forms That Make Sense Of Your Patient’s Systems
  • Outcome Based Treatment Protocols Specifically For Private Practice
  • Patient Exercise Library
  • Difficult Patients Forum
  • Social Media Planner
  • Monthly Clinical Masterclasses
  • Community Of Like Minded Therapists
  • Access to our ‘Go-To’ Clinic Software
  • Onboarding Pipelines For New Patients To Sow Up ‘Bought-In’
  • Initial Assessment Pipelines To Ensure Patients Rebook And Turn Up
  • Cancellation Did Not Rebook Pipelines
  • Discharged, Reviews & Referrals Pipelines
  • Access To ‘Marketing Made Simple For Private Practice Therapists’
  • Access To ‘Sales Made Simple For Private Practice Therapists’
  • Weekly Marketing Coaching Calls
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Fully Loaded ‘Go-To’ Clinic Marketing Templates
  • Artificial Intelligence To Write Sales Copy
  • Courses And Membership Software For Your Patients
  • Omnichannel Inbox To Organise Your Social Media Accounts
  • 2-Way Texting
  • Full Website Builder
  • Funnels & Landing Pages For Google Ads & Facebook
  • Fully Customisable Form Builder For Your Website
  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Review Management Software
  • Virtual Phone System
  • Full Calendar Booking System
  • Web Chat
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Pipelines For New Leads To Book Appointments

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

Personalised Support and Guidance So You Can Become The ‘Go-To’ Physio In Your Town

I understand that every therapist and practice is unique, which is why the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program offers unparalleled support and guidance. As a member, you'll receive:

  • 1:1 onboarding ‘tech’ calls to set up and tailor the program, systems and tools to your specific needs and goals FAST!
  • Weekly group coaching calls to keep you on track and answer your questions
  • Access to our private online community of like-minded therapists for ongoing support and collaboration
  • Personalised feedback on your clinical and business approach from our expert mentors
  • Done-for-you resources and templates to save you time and energy

Our team of experienced ‘in the trenches’ mentors are dedicated to your success and will be with you every step of the way.

I’ve Been In Your Position Before…


My name is Dave O’Sullivan. I’m a physiotherapist with an extensive background in both professional sports and private practice. I founded the ProSport Academy to help therapists like you feel more capable of growing their business and enhancing their reputation.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with elite athletes across a range of sports, including Rugby Union, Rugby League, Motorsport, and Professional Golf.

While I was working in these high-pressure environments, I noticed there was a lack of educational resources available to physiotherapists – particularly in the field of critical thinking and patient-focused care.

Personally, I would’ve really benefited from a step-by-step system when I was feeling less than capable in my practice. And this is what gave me the idea for ProSport Academy – which has gone on to be a leading provider of advanced physiotherapy education.

My goal is to help therapists overcome feelings of overwhelm and doubt, and become ‘go-to’ professionals in their respective communities. Through the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mentorship, I share my expertise and the unique approaches I’ve used to build a rewarding, sustainable physiotherapy business.

I’ve built a private practice that has given me the freedom to leave for months at a time to attend 3 world cups and have the clinic continue to grow without me.

However my journey to becoming a successful clinic owner wasn't always smooth sailing. Like many of you,I’ve faced the challenges of managing complex cases, struggling to achieve patient buy-in, and feeling overwhelmed by the demands of running a practice. I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of pounds on education and training, only to find myself still feeling stuck and frustrated.

It wasn't until I began to develop and implement a structured, step-by-step system in my own practice that things began to change. By combining my clinical expertise with proven business strategies, I was able to create a thriving, patient-centric practice that consistently delivered exceptional results.

Now, I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and experience with other private practice therapists through the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program. I understand firsthand the importance of having a mentor who has been in the trenches and can provide practical, real-world guidance.

Unlike many gurus who teach what sounds ideal in theory, my approach is grounded in what actually works in practice. I am committed to helping you avoid the mistakes I made early on in my clinical and business career, and to provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

My ‘gift’ is the ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand and implement steps. I am committed to your success and will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

When you join the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program, you're not just gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and resources – you're gaining a trusted mentor who has been where you are and knows what it takes to build a successful practice.

So if you're ready to take your clinic to the next level, while avoiding the pitfalls and challenges that hold so many therapists back, then myself and the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program are here to support you every step of the way.

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

Meet Your New Team Of Highly Experienced Mentors…

Paddy Mulligan

Head Business Coach

Paddy Mulligan is a Chartered Physiotherapist and owner of 4 private practice clinics in Ireland. Paddy has a wealth of ‘in the trenches’ experience and will guide you every step of the way towards happy patients, happy staff, high profits and freedom.

Dave O’Sullivan

3x World Cup Physio

Dave O’Sullivan is a private practice clinic owner and mentor to over 1000+ therapists. Dave’s gift is to be able to take complex topics such as private practice patients and business problems and simplify them into a complete step by step approach.

Shane Mooney

Head Physio Coach

Shane Mooney is ProSport Physiotherapy’s Head Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager. Transforming new grad therapists into highly skilled ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Practitioners is Shane’s bread and butter and he will support you and your clinicians.

Over 1000+ Therapists Now Have Confidence And Clarity Thanks To The ‘Go-To’ Physio Step By Step Systems…

Who This Program is For:

The 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is designed for:
  • Ambitious private practice therapists who want to take their skills and business to the next level
  • Therapists who are committed to providing the highest quality of care and service
  • Those who are open to learning, growing, and implementing new strategies
  • Therapists who want to make a real difference in their patients' lives and their communities
  • Clinic Owners Who are stuck;
  • Clinic Owners Who are fed up with not making the progress they want;
  • Clinic Owners Who are fed up of training staff only for them to leave or ‘not work out’
  • Clinic Owners Who want to become a professional ‘Go-To’ clinic owner – with skills that will serve them their whole life;
  • Clinic Owners Who want to significantly grow their income and their time off;
  • Clinic Owners Who are just starting out and want to avoid the painful mistakes that afflict so many clinic owners when you hire staff

Who This Program is NOT For:

The 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is NOT designed for:
  • Therapists who want a quick fix – this is about doing things properly. It will take time;
  • Who are desperate
  • Who are addicted to 'bright shiny objects'
  • Who are 'Course Collectors' who never take action

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We're so confident in the value and effectiveness of the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel like you're receiving the support and guidance you need to succeed, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll refund your investment in full.

Ready to Build a 'Go-To' Clinic In Your Community? Join the Movement…

Ready to join the elite ranks of 'Go-To' Clinics and Therapists? Ready to experience the joy and fulfilment of a practice that truly makes a difference in your community? Then it's time to take action.

Simply click the button below to apply and start your journey towards clinical excellence and business success. We can't wait to support you every step of the way.

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is unique in its comprehensive approach, combining clinical excellence with business mastery. We provide a structured, step-by-step system that covers every aspect of building a successful practice, from attracting patients to delivering exceptional results. Plus, you'll receive personalised support and access to our exclusive community of like-minded therapists.

Absolutely! The 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is designed to help therapists at all stages of their career. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your established practice to the next level, our system will give you the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

The program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. However, we recommend dedicating at least 2-3 hours per week to engage with the course materials, attend coaching calls, and implement what you learn in your practice.

We offer multiple channels for support, including weekly group coaching calls, a private online community, and personalised feedback from our expert mentors. You'll also have access to our comprehensive library of resources and done-for-you templates.

We have different levels of support depending on your specific situation. To find out which level is specific to your situation and needs click here to apply now.

We ask potential members to apply and speak with our team to ensure that the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is the right fit for your needs and goals. This allows us to learn more about your practice, your challenges, and your aspirations, so we can tailor our support to help you succeed. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and gain clarity on how the program can benefit you specifically. We're committed to your success, and this application process helps us maintain a high-quality, engaged community of therapists.

Investing in the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is an investment in your practice, your patients, and your future. By implementing the strategies and systems taught in the program, you can expect to see a significant return on investment through increased patient numbers, improved patient retention, and higher revenue per patient. In addition you can also expect a return on your investment through less stress, more free time and the ability to switch off at night and be present with your family. Many of our members report recouping their investment within the first few months of implementing our system, and continue to see growth and profitability long after. Plus, with our cancel anytime policy, you can feel confident in making this investment in your practice.

Yes, the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is a legitimate business expense for private practice therapists. Investing in professional development, training, and business support is a common and necessary part of running a successful practice. By improving your clinical skills, patient outcomes, and business processes, you are directly contributing to the growth and profitability of your clinic. We recommend consulting with your accountant or financial advisor to determine how to best categorise this investment for your specific situation.

The 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of private practice situations. Whether you're a solo practitioner or managing a multi-therapist clinic, our system provides a comprehensive framework for clinical excellence and business growth. Through our application process and initial onboarding calls, we'll work with you to understand your unique challenges and tailor our support to your specific needs. Plus, with our community of like-minded therapists, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from.

We understand that private practice therapists are busy, which is why the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your schedule. Our step-by-step system is broken down into manageable modules, allowing you to learn and implement at your own pace. Plus, with our 1-1 onboarding calls and done-for-you templates and resources, you'll be able to save time and streamline your processes. Many of our members have found that by implementing our system, they actually save time in the long run, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

We're confident in the value and effectiveness of the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you join the program and find that it's not the right fit for your practice, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll refund your investment in full. We're committed to your success and satisfaction, and want you to feel confident in making this investment in your practice.

If you're a private practice therapist who is committed to providing exceptional patient care, mastering complex cases, and growing your clinic, then this program is for you. Our system is designed for ambitious therapists who are ready to take action and implement proven strategies to achieve clinical excellence and business success.

By implementing the strategies and systems taught in the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program, you can expect to attract more patients, improve patient buy-in and adherence, achieve better clinical outcomes (especially with complex cases), and increase your revenue. Our members have reported significant growth in their practice, with some doubling or even tripling their patient visits within the first year.

To enrol in the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program, simply click the "Apply Now" button on this page. You'll be taken to a short application form, where you can provide some information about your practice and goals. Once submitted, a member of our team will review your application and contact you to discuss the next steps.

If you have any additional questions or would like to speak with a member of our team before enrolling, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via email at We're here to help you make the best decision for your practice and your goals.

*Strictly Limited To 1 Clinic Within A 2 Mile Radius

Still Not Sure If This Is Right For You? Contact Us

If you have any questions about the 'Go-To' Clinic Mentorship Program or need assistance with enrollment, please don't hesitate to reach out.


We look forward to helping you build the practice and life of your dreams.