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Transform Your Therapists Into Confident, Skilled ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinicians In Just 12 Weeks

Introducing The ‘Go-To’ Private
Practice Clinician Accelerator

The Fastest Way To Equip Your Team With The Confidence And Skills To Progress Patients And Boost Your Clinic’s Profit Ethically

Do your physical therapists struggle to apply their clinical knowledge in the real world?

Do you invest time and money into training them, only to see high dropout rates, poor adherence, and a lack of confidence in progressing patients?

This not only limits your clinic’s growth…but also restricts your freedom as the clinic owner.

You need a team equipped with the clinical and communication skills to set patient expectations, gain buy-in, and ensure adherence to treatment plans.

That’s why we created the ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator.

It goes beyond clinical knowledge to bridge the gap between what your PTs know and what they can actually apply confidently in the real world.

The result?

Clinicians who are skilled and confident in keeping patients progressing. This transforms retention, referrals, reputation and profits.

In just 12 weeks, your clinic will be filled with ‘Go-To’ clinicians your patients love. And you’ll have the freedom that comes from a skilled team you can rely on.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Confident Clinicians who progress patients without drop offs
  • Increased patient visit average and revenue (ethically)
  • Higher rebook rates and retention
  • Lower cancellation rates
  • Safeguarded reputation with consistent care
  • More freedom to step away from the clinic
  • Happier patients who refer others

It’s everything you need to transform your clinicians into skilled therapists who grow your clinic, profits and freedom.

Keep reading to learn more about the biggest mistake clinic owners make and why it’s costing you more than just money…

Why Knowledge Alone
Doesn’t Equal Competence

You’ve likely noticed a gap between what your therapists know and what they can actually apply confidently in the real world.

The problem is most clinical training focuses on growing knowledge.

But knowledge alone doesn’t guarantee competence or confidence.

Just because a therapist knows how to treat a condition on paper doesn’t mean they have the skills to explain it or implement it with a patient in the real world…

…in a patient centered way that progresses them to full recovery.

This is a problem for two reasons:

  1. Patients don’t adhere to treatment plans and drop off
  2. It damages your clinic’s reputation and growth

A ‘Go-To’ Clinic Is Not Built On How Many New Patients You Get, It Is How Many You Can Keep Progressing…

Not being able to keep patients progressing leads to poor retention and referrals.

It also restricts your clinic’s revenue growth and your own freedom as the owner.

Bridging this knowledge-competence gap is key to your clinic’s success.

You need therapists who don’t just know how to treat…

But who have the confidence and communication skills to gain buy-in, adherence, and outcomes.

That’s what the ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator focuses on.

We’ve Trained Over 1000 Therapists Globally.
Now We’ve Tailored That Proven Methodology
SPECIFICALLY For Private Practice
Clinic Owners

My name is David O’Sullivan.

I’ve treated professional athletes from multiple sports over a decade-long career.

Early on though, I struggled to keep patients progressing in my own clinic.

By implementing a ‘ProSport’ approach focused on expectations, adherence and outcomes, I quickly improved results.

I was then able to successfully train my own therapists in this ‘ProSport’ approach.

My clinic grew rapidly and I can now comfortably leave for months at a time.

The step-by-step system I developed became the ‘Go-To’ Methodology.

Over the last 5+ years, it has been taught to over 1000 therapists globally.

But clinic owners told me they needed something more tailored to transform their own teams into confident, skilled clinicians FAST.

The ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator was then born…

It takes the proven methodology I’ve refined over 15+ years and turned it into a 12 week transformation program for Physical Therapy clinic owners.

You’ll equip your therapists with exactly what they need to keep patients progressing.

The result is a skilled team of ‘Go-To’ clinicians who grow your clinic’s success.

Here’s What You’ll Gain:

  • Rapidly boost therapist confidence and competence
  • Develop skills to set patient expectations and gain buy-in
  • Learn techniques to increase adherence and outcomes
  • Safeguard your reputation with consistent care
  • Increase retention, referrals, revenue and profits
  • More freedom to step away from the clinic
  • Happier patients who refer others
  • All in just 6 weeks!

Here’s How The ‘Go-To’ Private Practice
Clinician Accelerator Delivers Rapid
Results For Your PT Clinic:

Step 1: Initial Assessment Mastery
We focus intensively on setting the patient (and clinician) up for success from initial assessment.

Your therapists will:

  • Understand the difference between internal and external problems
  • Ask the right questions in the the subjective assessment to design value based treatment plans
  • Simplify the objective assessment to focus on high value problems for the patient
  • Explain solutions in simple terms patients understand
  • Set realistic patient expectations in the first session
  • Perform targeted and effective hands on treatment for quick wins and momentum
  • Prescribe high impact rehab that solves problems for patients to gain patient buy-in and adherence
  • Instills belief and confidence in full recovery

The result? Superior patient buy-in, expectations and adherence from day one.

This will ensure the patient has confidence in the therapist and the plan and will rebook (and turn up) to the next session.

Step 2: Early Stage Progressions
Next we ensure therapists can continue to progress the patient each session even when the patient’s initial high levels of motivation is dropping.

Your Therapists will

  • Be super clear on exactly where they are going next with the patient
  • Continue to deliver effective hands on treatment without the patient relying on it
  • Seamlessly keep the patient progressing so they can continue to feel the difference in their day to day life
  • Prescribe the right exercises to maintain momentum and progress
  • Have a clear next step for the next session and communicate it effectively

The result? Your therapist’s patient visit average will naturally increase. Their diary will continue to fill (and stay full) and more happy progressing patients.

Step 3: End Stage Progressions
In the final step, we ensure therapists can keep patients motivated and progressing even when the pain is easing.

Your Therapists will:

  • Be super clear on exactly how to bridge the gap between low and high level rehab
  • Know exactly what progressions are next and be able to articulate it confidently to the patient
  • Progress the patient to ‘thoughtless, fearless, movement’
  • Transform your patient’s confidence and exceed expectations
  • Confidently discharge each patient after they achieve successful outcomes
  • Naturally receive reviews and referrals

The result? Your therapist’s patient visit average and Net Promoter Score will continue to increase ethically. Their ability to generate reviews and referrals will naturally increase and their confidence will continue to soar.

The clinic’s reputation will continue to grow organically and happy past patients will continue to return to the clinic in the future.

By the end of 12 weeks, your therapists will be true ‘Go-To’ clinicians ready to deliver outcomes for your patients and clinic
It’s the fastest way to bridge the knowledge-competence gap holding your team back.

Here’s What’s Included In The ‘Go-To’
Private Practice Clinician Accelerator:

6 core modules with presentations, demonstrations, and case studies

Q&A opportunity after each lesson with ‘Go-To’ clinical experts

Bespoke feedback on role plays to practice communication techniques

Bespoke feedback on clinical observation and implementation of hands on and rehab techniques

Quizzes and worksheets for clinical reasoning, value based treatment plan designs and knowledge retention

Cheat sheets and protocol checklists

Private ‘Complex Patients’ community access for ongoing support with challenging cases

Graduation certificate upon core modules program completion

Access to the ‘How To’ ‘Go-To’ Physio Hub with all the assessments, hands on techniques and rehab exercises your clinician will ever need in daily practice

Everything your PTs need to become confident, skilled clinicians who get better outcomes.

Here’s What PT Clinic Owners
Like You Are Saying…

The ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator has delivered rapid results for PT clinics across the country.

You’ll see the difference in therapist competence and confidence immediately.

More importantly, you’ll see it with rising retention, referrals, and revenue.

My therapists gained more confidence in 6 weeks than the last 6 years! Now patients actually stick to treatment plans and progress.

Jane D - PT Clinic Owner

Communication skills were an instant game changer – patients feel heard and adhere better. Wish we had this years ago!

Mark W - PT Clinic Director

My team is finally equipped to keep complex patients progressing. Our reputation is safer and revenue is climbing.

Stephanie P - PT Practice Leader

About The Founder
David O’Sullivan

David O’Sullivan is an internationally renowned physiotherapist and leading educator for therapists worldwide.

He has worked with elite athletes across Rugby Union, Rugby League, Motorsports, and Professional Golf.

This high-pressure, results focused environment ignited his passion for helping therapists bridge the gap between knowledge and practical application.

David founded the ProSport Academy to fill the lack of advanced practical educational resources for therapists.

His mission is to help therapists become ‘go-to’ professionals by equipping them with effective assessment tools, hands-on techniques, communication methods and critical thinking skills to achieve optimal outcomes.

David’s systems have been taught to over 1000 therapists globally and are renowned for getting results with even the most complex patients.

Now David has tailored his proven methodology into the ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator exclusively for US PT clinic owners seeking to boost their team’s competence and confidence.

Enroll Your Team In The ‘Go-To’ Private
Practice Clinician Accelerator Today

Are you ready to bridge the gap holding your PT clinicians back?

With the ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator, you’ll rapidly equip them with what they need to succeed.

Just imagine:

  • More patients progressing fully without dropping out
  • Higher revenue per patient (ethically)
  • More referrals and fewer cancellations
  • A stronger reputation safeguarding the clinic’s future
  • More freedom for yourself as the owner

It all starts with having a team capable of delivering predictable outcomes.

That’s exactly what you’ll gain with the ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator.

Click below now to learn more about enrolling your PT team.

You’ll see rapid results within 6 weeks as your clinicians transform into trusted professionals ready to grow your clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the program:

Who is the ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator for?

It’s designed specifically for physiotherapy/physical therapy clinic owners looking to equip their teams with better clinical skills and confidence in communicating with patients.

What makes this program unique?

It bridges the gap between therapist knowledge and real world application using proven techniques developed by expert David O’Sullivan. The step-by-step methodology has been refined over 15+ years working with pro athletes and complex patients.

What kinds of skills do therapists learn?

The focus is on clinical assessment, treatment planning, hands-on techniques, exercise prescription, communication methods, practice management protocols, and ethical sales conversations.

How long does the program take?

The core training and onboarding is designed to be completed in 12 weeks. The content is organized into 6 modules that combine presentations, demonstrations, case studies, and role playing. The standard pace is one module per 2 weeks which includes the role play components.

How is the training delivered?

The training is delivered through pre-recorded online modules, coaching calls, a private ‘complex patients’ community platform, and downloadable materials. The role plays are recorded and uploaded to a special portal where Dave and his team will provide individualized feedback and tips.

What results can I expect?

Most clinics experience rapid improvements in therapist competence, patient adherence, increased revenue per patient, retention and referrals. Skills are designed to be immediately applicable.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of the program. If you complete the Accelerator as intended and do all the work and don’t see tangible improvements in your PT team’s skills, we will provide a refund.

How do I enroll my team?

You can enroll your therapists by clicking the button below and filling in the application form. One of our team will then contact you to discuss details if we believe you are a good fit for the program.

Are You Ready To
Transform Your PT Team?

The ‘Go-To’ Private Practice Clinician Accelerator gives you the fastest path to helping your physical therapists become confident, skilled clinicians who get better outcomes.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll see dramatic improvements in:

  • Patient adherence and retention
  • Revenue per patient
  • Cancellation/no-show rates
  • Referrals and reputation
  • Therapist competence and confidence

All while gaining more freedom to step away, thanks to a trusted team equipped to deliver.

Don’t leave your clinic’s success to chance. Enroll now and rapidly accelerate your PT team.

You have nothing to lose thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Join the many clinic owners who are glad they took that first step and said YES to ethical and sustainable growth.

The time is now to elevate your team and clinic.

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