Hosted by England Rugby Union and Rugby League consultant physio and ProSport Physio clinical practice director Dave O’Sullivan, the ‘Go-To’ physio podcast is your roadmap through the world of physiotherapy.

In each episode, Dave confronts the real-life issues therapists face and delivers the gold-standard lessons learnt throughout his 13 year career in professional sports therapy and private practice physiotherapy.

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(Unlike any other talking podcast, the ‘Go-To’ physio podcast is filled with things that matter to you. With practical information on assessment, treatment, and sports rehabilitation you’ll discover how to make sense of it all and how to implement these skills in your clinical practice today.

If you’re lost in the murky waters of physical therapy, pain science, musculoskeletal and sports medicine, and pelvic health, stop your search for information. The Go-To physio podcast is an audio encyclopaedia of information for those working in physiotherapy, medicine, and all divisions of the healthcare industry.

Interviews and episodes will feature expert honest advice delivered directly to listeners from the mouths of leading physiotherapists and real-world health professionals.

Through the Go-To physio Mentorship, Dave and the ProSport physiotherapy team have already helped over 1000 physiotherapists in 26 countries find the skills, confidence, and clarity they need to be the Go-To therapist…

So come prepared for a critical critique of the ways we work as physiotherapists and bold ideas that will change the way you think.

Drive your clinical practice toward success with the ‘Go-To’ physio podcast.)

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