Episode 41

Transform Your Objective Assessments: 3 Crucial Questions to Pinpoint Your Patient's Root Problem

In this week’s episode of the ‘Go-To’ Physio Podcast I discuss;

How To Instantly Boost Your Clinical Reasoning Skills: Master a clear framework to identify the root cause of patients’ problems effectively.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes: Create targeted and efficient treatment plans for improved results and satisfaction by working on the right area of the body

Maximize Time Efficiency: Assess patients quickly and accurately, making the most of your consultation time.

Build Confidence: Strengthen your decision-making and enhance your patient interactions with refined clinical reasoning.

Minimize Misdiagnosis Risks: Reduce the likelihood of overlooking factors or making incorrect assumptions for accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

And so much more…

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Our Flagship ‘Go To’ Physio Mentorship Program: thegotophysio.com/mentorship/

Happy Progressing Patients Book: thegotophysio.com/book

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For Therapists Not Quite Ready For The Mentorship Program Just Yet: thegotophysio.com/members

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