The ProSport Academy-RX Method: Rapidly Raise Your Retention, Rates, Revenues, Referrals, and Recognition in your Physio Practice By getting long lasting REAL world RESULTS [and achieve more than you ever thought possible in 90 days or less]

January 2019 Class Opening For A Limited Period Soon 

The Therapist Mentorship Is A Way To Differentiate Yourself From Other Therapists - Look At The Whole Body As One - Apply The Evidence Base - And Get Real World RESULTS That Allows You More REVENUE, More RETENTION & More RECOGNITION

What Is The Online Therapist Mentorship Program?

The Online Therapist Mentorship program is run by Current England Rugby League Physiotherapist and Private Practice Owner Dave O'Sullivan, who has also worked with Leeds Rhinos, Munster Rugby Union and the Huddersfield Giants in the past. The Online Therapist Mentorship program is a 99% online where the therapist learns how to develop a sound clinically reasoned step by step process to treat the person in front of them, looking at the body as a whole and bring that person back to their ideal outcome successfully, be it returning to training or sport or non-sporting patients returning to activities of daily living. The online curriculum is taught intensely over 90 days and the therapist has lifetime access to the content and the support of Dave and his team. The curriculum includes the assessment, explanation of findings to the patient with the latest neuroscience education, hands on treatment, exercise rehabilitation and return to play key performance indicators at each stage for the upper, lower and spinal regions of the body to help the therapist apply the content in the real world to get real results that will get patients talking about you.

Give Me 1% Of Your Week For 12 Weeks And I'll Help You Achieve More Than You Achieved In The Last 3 Years

Why The Therapist Mentorship Program?

  • 1

    Always Know Where To Go Next With Your Patient To Get A Complete Resolution

    No more second guessing yourself if your patient is ready to progress or how to progress. You will have a completely logical (and evidence based) step by step progressive pathway for every patient using the exact same progressions I’ve used in professional sport and my private practice for 10 years.

  • 2

    Work With Motivated Patients Who Adhere To Their Exercises And Refer Their Friends & Family To You

    Forget getting frustrated at your patient’s wanting to sit on the bed passively for the session nor not adhering to their exercises. Now you’ll have complete structure in your assessment and treatment that not only makes sense to you but also makes sense to your patient so they know exactly how your exercises are meaningful to their life and not simply a generic exercise. This level of meaningful impact on their lives means they will want their closest friends and family to experience this kind of transformation also.

  • 3

    Discharge Your Patients Knowing They Are Ready To Go Back To Daily Life Without Risking Flare ups or Reoccurrence Of Injuries While Shouting Your Name From The Rooftops

    Never doubt yourself again wondering if your patient will be ok when you discharge them. Have complete confidence knowing they have earned the right to go back to the activities that they love doing using our common sense progressive pathway that we use in pro sport and in the clinic on a daily basis. This is the exact same method I use in high pressure situations such as the lead up to the rugby league world cup final and knowing if a player is ready to return. Your patients will be so happy that they will be shouting your name from the rooftops.

  • 4

    Stay Ahead And Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition So You Never Have To Worry About Your Revenue

    Never worry about your competition or standing out from other therapists again. A great therapist will always be busy. When you look at the body as a whole and not simply treat the reactions, you will be able to easily differentiate yourself from your competitors, charge what you are worth and gain a flood of new ‘word of mouth’ referrals each week based on your ability to get results and make meaningful impacts on your patients lives.

  • 5

    Build A PROFITABLE Private Practice That Gives You Financial Freedom That Is Based On The Ability To Get RESULTS Where Others Have Failed

    Having great clinical skills is one thing but building a profitable ‘word of mouth’ private practice is another. Once you master the clinical essentials, you will also learn essential real world business skills that will help you truly become the ‘go-to’ therapist using the exact same methods that I followed.

January 2019 Class Opening For A Limited Period Soon 

The ProSport Academy RX Mentorship was set up to help therapists build structure between their assessments, treatment and rehab techniques so everything flows from one element to the next seamlessly every single session. This will help you have the complete confidence and clarity to charge what your worth, get great RESULTS, increase your REVENUE and build a business based on worth of mouth REFERRALS. 

  • Ways To Integrate Pain Science Into The Sporting And Private Clinical Settings That Will Work For You
  • Subjective And Objective Assessments That Consider Physiology, Neurology AND The Musculoskeletal System
  • Manual Therapy Treatment Tutorials To Help Your Interaction With Your Patient And Their Nervous System To Bring About Long Lasting Changes
  • Rehabilitation Techniques Bespoke To The Person In Front Of You That Follows A Concise Step By Step Progression
  • Strength and Conditioning Techniques To Progress Your Rehabilitation Plan Accordingly To Make Sure Your Patient Can Tolerate The Demands Of Life
  • Monthly Guest Lecturer Via Webinar On A Variety Of Topics From Researchers To Coaches Aimed Solely To Compliment Your Clinical Practice
  • Private Members Website & Clinical Reasoning Group Discussions
  • Access To Me Personally Throughout The 90 Days And Beyond For Advice, Support And Direction
  • Access To My Personal Patient Educational Videos And Exercise Library I Send To My Patients
  • Case Studies Showing How I Apply The Information And Research To Help My Own Patients In The Real World


Lifetime Access To The Entire ProSport Academy System


12 Modules walk you through from start to finish how to identify the true stressors in your subjective assessment, make sense of the objective assessment, deliver an effective explanation to your patient so you have complete buy in and deliver a bespoke treatment plan that uses a combination of hands on treatment (if required), pain neuroscience education and organised exercise progressions that flow from session 1 to the final session so the patient continues to make progress each visit and get back to the important things in their life.

Delivered via ‘watch over my shoulder’ video lessons to you can see exactly how to apply the evidence based with real people in the real world.

Highlighted handout notes, ‘cheat sheets’ and ‘key performance indicators’ for common symptoms and presentations so you will have complete clarity on exactly what you need to do before you progress your patient in every session.

Conveniently delivered over 12 weeks so you can stay on track and get the results you want.


12 Group Coaching Calls

Every week you will receive a laser coaching call with Dave, his team and the Mentorship Community to ensure you not only get your questions answered, understand the material inside out but you can also apply it effortlessly that same day in the clinic.


120 Days Access To The Mentorship Facebook Group Community

You will never have to struggle or feel overwhelmed with a patient again. You will have 120 days access to The 'Go-To' Therapist Facebook Community group where you can get help with any patient that you may need guidance and help with. You will receive personalised responses from the team using the information you provide to give you our opinion on how we would proceed with this patient as if it were our own patient.


CPD Certificate Of Completion

You will also receive a CPD certificate of completion for the Therapist Mentorship to count towards your continuing professional development. The Mentorship is recognised by various professional bodies all over the world now and has all the required paperwork if you require it for your professional body including teaching content and bibliography of key papers. 

January 2019 Class Opening For A Limited Period Soon 


Darren Finnegan Testimonials (1) from The ProSport Academy on Vimeo.

Ger Gallagher Testimonials (2) from The ProSport Academy on Vimeo.

Bilal Mustafa Testimonials (1) from The ProSport Academy on Vimeo.

Melvin Thancanamootoo Testimonials (1) from The ProSport Academy on Vimeo.


January 2019 Class Opening For A Limited Period Soon


Mark, Complex Shoulder Pain Patient:

Mark Testimonial from The ProSport Academy on Vimeo.

Steve, 7 Year Persistent Back Pain Patient:

Danny Maguire, Complex Multiligament Knee Reconstruction Video:

Danny McGuire Rehab Video-SD from The ProSport Academy on Vimeo.



You also get a ticket to a ProSport Academy 2 Day Mentorship (also hosted virtually throughout the year if you cannot make a in-person event). These 2 days goes through the exact assessment, treatment and rehab techniques and troubleshoot any problems you have. It’s also a great way to meet fellow mentorship therapists.

The 2 Day Mentorship Workshops are hosted x2 a year in different countries from the U.K, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the U.S alternating venue every second year. Therapists are able to attend any workshop that suits in the future if they cannot attend the same years mentorship workshop.


  • 1

    Lifetime Access To The ProSport Academy Mentorship Curriculum

  • 2

    12 1-1 Laser Coaching Calls

  • 3

    Lifetime Access To The Clinical Reasoning Facebook Community

  • 4

    Private Practice Or Pro Sport Bonus Bundle

  • 5

    Ticket To The ProSport Academy Mentorship 2 Day Workshop

  • 6

    CPD Certificate Of Completion

  • 7

    Plus More Surprise Bonuses As You Progress Through The Curriculum

*If you cannot apply the Therapist Mentorship in the real world and see results with your patients within 7 days, we will give you a no questions asked full money back guarantee.

January 2019 Class Opening For A Limited Period Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Why is this program different to others?

    A.This program is not just about improving your subjective, objective, pain science explanation, hands on treatment techniques, rehab techniques and high level return to play protocols. It is more about understanding the WHY a joint has decreased range of motion or WHY a glute medius muscle is not contributing efficiently specific to that person. It is about giving you the confidence and clarity while giving you structure from session 1 to session 4-6 with your patient and be able to continually make progress in every session.

  • Q.Will this work with any patient in private practice, sport or national healthcare outpatient setting?

    A.Yes. This way of assessing and treating is first and foremost focused on the person in front of you. The level of exposure to loading will obviously be specific to the person in front of you and their needs but we treat using the exact same system for private practice patients as well as pro sport athletes.

  • Q.What if I’ve just graduated and starting out on my own?

    A.This is the perfect way to get mentorship from an early stage in both clinical and business setting so you don’t have to make the same mistakes Dave made. Infact, Dave was really lucky to learn from two brilliant mentors which he accounts so much of his early success to.

  • Q.This sounds complicated. Is it difficult to do to get results?

    A.This approach is a very logical common sense structured that helps you apply the evidence base and make sense of things. It is delivered via both video and text so whatever way you learn best, we have got you covered.

  • Q.I don’t have much time at the moment, should I wait a bit before joining the program?

    A.The therapist mentorship requires 1 hour per week to consume the content fro 12 weeks or half hour per week if you want to to consume it over 6 months. A small lifestyle change of getting up 1 hour earlier on a particular day will easily solve your ‘time’ requirements’. Sometimes you need to make time and reflect on where you are ‘wasting’ time. We will help you with your mindset on this as it is essential to truly grow a profitable business to focus your time and energy on the things that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Q.What if I can’t attend a workshop?

    A.If you cannot attend the 2 day workshop in your year of taking the mentorship, then you can simply watch it virtually online and attend it the following year or year after. Once you are in the therapist mentorship community, you are part of the family and will do everything we can to ensure we over deliver on value for you.

  • Q.What if I’m away on a certain week and can’t attend my coaching call?

    A.We require therapists to commit to the coaching calls on a weekly basis even if they haven’t consumed the content yet. This will make you accountable to learning the content even if you haven’t had time to consume the video version yet so your coach will get you up to speed. As with all things in life, if there is one particular week where you are away for whatever reason then you can transfer this call to a later date.

  • Q.How long will I have access to the materials?

    A.You will have lifetime access to the materials. We see the members area as a reference library that you should be able to go back to time and time again if you have any patients that you need help with.

  • Q.What happens when you update your mentorship material in the future?

    A.As with everyone else, Dave is never happy with where he is at and still striving to reach that elusive ‘clinical excellence’ status. At time we update, improve or find easier ways to apply the evidence and content to get even better results, you will receive updates to the mentorship. This mentorship is constantly evolving and once your in, your in 🙂

  • Q.Will I be able to claim money back on my taxes?

    A.This will be specific to your country but most therapists will be able to claim VAT back if VAT registered and/or put the mentorship course as expenses towards their end of year tax bill. Please check with your accountant and your countries terms.

  • Q.Will I be able to use this course towards my CPD?

    A.The mentorship course is backed by a bibliography of evidence based literature from various sectors and everything taught in the mentorship is referenced and available on request. The mentorship is recognised by various PT boards in the U.S and other countries when therapists require proof of attendance. If you require recognition for your profession, you will be able to access the necessary files we have put together to make your life easy in applying for credits.

  • Q.What if I'm NOT a chartered physiotherapist and don't work in sport?

    A.We have physiotherapists, physical therapists, sports therapists, sports massage therapists, strength coaches, chiropractors, athletic trainers and even podiatrists inside the Therapist Mentorship.
    EVERYTHING that is taught in the Therapist Mentorship can be applied both in the private practice and sporting setting.

    Indeed at ProSport Physiotherapy, my own personal private practice, we use this content with 70 year female patients as well as professional athletes. We see the person and not the injury.

  • Q.Who is this course for?

    A.This course is perfect for you if you can yes to any one of these:
    * You own your own Private practice or are in charge of a team of therapists who look to you for guidance or advice

    * You’ve just started your practice or about to in the next 24 months – and want to ensure you go about building a solid ‘word of mouth’ clinic that is never short of patients

    * You’re an existing or well established clinician who wants to add more consistency and fresh, energising ways of looking at the body to your already successful approaches

    * You want to become a top pro sport physiotherapist or work with professional athletes on a daily basis and have the skills and confidence to TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY when it arrives

    *You already work in professional sport and want to consolidate your system and put some structure to it to further improve your confidence with return to play programs for your athletes

    * You are a highly skilled sports physiotherapist or sports therapist – and want to be able to help more people with those skills and get to the next level quicker

    * You are a clinician that is starting out and don’t want to ‘figure this stuff out’ or ‘make numerous mistakes’ on your own over the next few years and want real world results right now

    * You realise that you need guidance and coaching to reach your full potential as a therapist (Something I was extremely lucky to get from an early point in my career)

    * You’re frustrated at the lack of results with certain conditions

    * You are already highly successful but you want to take things to the next level

    * You want to make more money

    * You would like to free up your time – more reward for less effort

    * You want to create the success you deserve by mastering the most important skills there are – Breathing, Moving, Healing

  • Q.Who is this course NOT for?

    A.This course is not for those therapists looking for cookie cutter approaches. While we supply you with key performance indicator ‘cheatsheets’ before every progression, the ‘WHY’, specific to the person in front of you is the most important thing to understand and this, combined with the structure we help you build in your assessment, treatment and rehab is the real value of the mentorship program.

January 2019 Class Opening For A Limited Period