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Dave O’Sullivan, Private Practice And Sports Physiotherapist at Rugby World Cups in Japan, France and Australia treating pro sports players

Engineered In ProSport, Refined For Private Practice

Discover the definitive roadmap to the perfect private practice. Our meticulously created step-by-step system was born from the rigorous demands of professional sports and expertly tailored to the unique challenges of private practice.

Our proven methodology combines cutting-edge clinical frameworks, business strategy, and leadership coaching to guide you on a journey of mastery and scalability. Developed by renowned 3x world cup physiotherapist Dave O'Sullivan, empowers you to elevate your skills, grow your clinic, and achieve the financial success and personal freedom you deserve.

Our Purpose:

To redefine how Physiotherapy is taught and delivered to empower therapists and patients live happy, healthy, lives.

Our Mission:

To help over 1 million people a year whom traditional approaches have failed to live happy, healthy lives

Our Core Values:

Exceed Expectations
Solve Problems
Do The Right Thing
Go The Extra Mile

How We Can Help…

Clinical Skills
Made Simple

Start your journey to patient care mastery with our foundational "Made Simple" short courses. Explore introductory programs starting at £97 to simplify your approach and transform your clinical clarity for happier, steadily progressing clients.

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Private Practice Therapist Mentorship & Training

For individual therapists, whether clinic owners or therapists working for someone else, to master clinical excellence with complex patients. Includes step-by-step systems, difficult case support, coaching, and access to proven treatment protocols. Everything you need to confidently solve challenging cases.

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The ‘Go-To’ Clinic
Business Mentorship

The complete package for clinic owners to deliver exceptional clinical results AND build a profitable, thriving clinic. You'll get comprehensive clinical mastery training plus proven marketing/operations systems to ethically grow while providing world-class patient experiences.

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Who We Have Helped…

Pro Sport

Oliver Waite

Crystal Palace FC

Mohamed Barakat

Wadi Degla FC

David Ferguson

Leeds Rhinos Head Physio

Nawal Gurung

Fulham F.C Sports Therapist

David Hanly

Connacht Rugby

Will Franklin

Leeds Utd Physiotherapist

Online Coaches

David Grey

David Grey Rehab

Andy Chen

Moment Physical Therapy and Performance

Alex Morrell

Move Physiotherapy

Private Practice Owners

Marty Loughran

Elite Physiotherapy, Northern Ireland

Laura Franklin

Laura Franklin Pilates And Physiotherapy, UK

Lisa Wiles

Hands That Heal, UK

National Healthcare Physiotherapists

Loretta Aliprandi

National Healthcare, Australia

Andy Ellis

National Healthcare, UK

Bridget Dean

National Healthcare, Australia

Physical Therapy Lecturers

Larry Geraghty

Physical Therapy Course Leader

Declan Kearney

Physical Therapy Course Tutor

Cash Based Clinic Owners USA

Dylan Seeley

Cash Based Chiropractor, USA

Nevin Saju

Cash Based PT, USA

Kim Aing

Cash Based PT Owner, USA


Carson Aune

Chiropractor, USA

Steven Tran

Chiropractor, Australia

Amy Bowzaylo

Sports Chiropractor, Bahrain


Mario Ciccone

Osteopath, UK

Eu Gene Chong


Cher Hart

Osteopath, UK

Sports Therapists

Miles Mitchell-Coop

Sports Therapist

Chloe Wilson

Sports Therapist

Stuart Bertram

Sports Therapist


Saoire Waldron

Podiatrist, Ireland

Adam Smith

Podiatrist, Scotland

David McKechnie

Podiatrist, UK

Strength & Rehab Coaches

Rob Moloney

Molo Rehab & Performance

Andy Reay

Head Of S & C, Pure Sports Medicine

John Noonan

F2 Performance Coach

Sports Massage Therapists

Okey Eze

Sports Massage Therapist

Katie Evans

Sports Massage Therapist

Kate Green

Sports Massage Therapist


Tricia Renshaw

Physical Therapist, USA

Jasper Chang

Athletic Therapist, USA

Edwin Santiagoa

Performance Coach, USA


Greg Stern

Ground Up Physiotherapy

Jill Saban

Physio Clinic Owner, Canada

Sandra Voth

Physiotherapist, Canada


Gina Nelson

Queensland Reds Physiotherapist

Aaron Turnbull

Physiotherapist, Brisbane

Dan Rehder

Brisbane, Australia

New Zealand

Milosz Milito

Osteopath, New Zealand

LeeVan Santos

Hurricanes Physiotherapist

Peter Hughes

All Black 7’s Rehab Physiotherapist


Tommy Brennan

Pain & Performance Clinic, Ireland

Fabio Torres


Mira Rühl

Physiotherapist, Germany

South Africa

Samantha Dunbar

South Africa

Michael Mann

South Africa

Tai Ellis

Cape Town


Jo Leung

Hong Kong

Zaki Hairodin


Jonah Chung

Hong Kong

Who Am I


My name is Dave O’Sullivan. I’m a physiotherapist with an extensive background in both professional sports and private practice. I founded the ProSport Academy to help therapists like you feel more capable of growing their business and enhancing their reputation.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with elite athletes across a range of sports, including Rugby Union, Rugby League, Motorsport, and Professional Golf.

While I was working in these high-pressure environments, I noticed there was a lack of educational resources available to physiotherapists – particularly in the field of critical thinking and patient-focused care.

Personally, I would’ve really benefited from a step-by-step system when I was feeling less than capable in my practice. And this is what gave me the idea for ProSport Academy – which has gone on to be a leading provider of advanced physiotherapy education.

My goal is to help therapists overcome feelings of overwhelm and doubt, and become ‘go-to’ professionals in their respective communities. Through ProSport Academy’s courses, I share my expertise and the unique approaches I’ve used to build a rewarding, sustainable physiotherapy business.

My Experience and Expertise

  • Since 2015, I’ve helped over 1,500 therapists in over 50 countries improve their confidence.
  • I’ve worked as Head Physiotherapist for England Rugby League teams.
  • I was the Rehab Physiotherapist for England Rugby Union at the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup in Japan.
  • I was the Consultant Physiotherapist to the Wallabies Rugby Union team at the 2023 Rugby Championships and Rugby World Cup in France.
  • I run my own private physiotherapist practice in the North of England.
  • My qualifications include a BSc (HONS) in Physiotherapy from the University of Huddersfield, and an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St. Mary’s University, London.
  • My physiotherapy clients have included professional superbike racers, professional footballers, Olympic ski and snowboard athletes – and even professional singers.

My mission is to guide ambitious clinicians from competence to mastery, by giving them the skills and guidance they need to never feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck again.

The Book Happy Progressing Patients including the 8-Step ‘World Cup’ Treatment Plan that helped Dave O’Sullivan private patients achieve full recovery and made him the ‘go-to’ physio for complex cases

We’ve Even Wrote The Book On ‘Happy Progressing Patients’

Download a Free ‘ebook’ copy of the 8-Step ‘World Cup’ Treatment Plan that helped my private patients achieve full recovery and made me a ‘go-to’ physio for complex cases…

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Dave O’Sullivan the physiotherapist to Kevin Sinfield during his mammoth 7 in 7 in 7 challenges where he has run ultra marathons all over the UK

We’ve Helped Raise More Than 15 Million Pounds For Motor Neurone Disease…

Dave O’Sullivan has been the physiotherapist to Kevin Sinfield during his mammoth 7 in 7 in 7 challenges where he has run ultra marathons all over the UK and Ireland for his former teammate Rob Burrow and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Dave was the team physiotherapist to Leeds Rhinos teammates Kevin and Rob from 2008 to 2011 and was only too happy to help when he got the call to volunteer to be part of the 7 in 7 in 7 team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Made Simple Courses are short, focused courses designed to help you gain confidence in specific clinical skills or topics. The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship, on the other hand, is a comprehensive program for individual therapists that gives you a complete clinical system to help your most complex patients. This program includes ongoing support via our difficult patients forum, weekly coaching calls and access to our ‘Go-To’ Physio Protocols Hub.

The Therapist Mentorship gives you a complete clinical system to help your most complex patients. This program includes ongoing support via our difficult patients forum, weekly coaching calls and access to our ‘Go-To’ Physio Protocols Hub.

The business mentorship also includes access to the Therapist Mentorship in addition to the business systems needed to ethically grow your clinic and get true freedom as a ‘Go-To’ Clinic owner. It includes marketing systems/funnels, staff training and all the automations you’ll need to deliver exceptional clinical results and amazing patients experiences for every patient.

The Made Simple Courses are short, focused courses designed to help you build foundational skills and master specific clinical topics. The Train My Clinician programme is a comprehensive mentorship program that gives your therapists a complete clinical system to help your most complex patients. With ongoing support program via our difficult patients forum, weekly coaching calls and access to our ‘Go-To’ Physio Protocols Hub, you’re therapists will have everything needed to ethically keep patients progressing.

The Train My Clinician program is designed for clinic owners who want to provide their staff with the same world-class training and systems offered in our Therapist Mentorship and Business Mentorship programs. It ensures that your entire team is aligned and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional patient care and contribute to your clinic’s growth. We will work with you and your therapists to identify the gaps in knowledge and skills and work quickly to fill these gaps so you can build a team of ‘Go-To’ Therapists that can ethically keep patients progressing even when the pain eases.

Yes, we have physiotherapists, physical therapists, sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopath and other healthcare professional clinic owners in our programs.

If you’re a physiotherapist or healthcare professional working in private practice and you’re committed to improving your clinical skills, patient outcomes, and practice growth, our programs are likely a good fit for you. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure about how to take your practice to the next level, we can provide the guidance and support you need. Just apply to the program that best suits your needs and we will give you an honest opinion if we can deliver what you are looking for.

To get started, simply choose the program that best aligns with your goals and current situation and follow the instructions on the relevant page. You can click on the “Learn More” button for each program to access more detailed information and enrolment options. If you have any questions or need help deciding which program is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by clicking here – we’re here to help!

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