How David Grey Rehab Is Applying The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship

Every now and again, you get a star student in the ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship program…

Someone who listens, who uses their brain, asks questions that make you think and they implement! One of those students is David Grey of David Grey Rehab living in the Waterford area, Ireland.

About David Grey

About David Grey

David was a committed athlete, but as a late teen, he was plagued by injuries. Knee pain and hip issues were making it tougher to get back to the sports he loved.

Bouncing from clinic to clinic, he was frustrated with the quick-fix solutions therapists were offering. It just didn’t make any sense.

Finally, David took it upon himself to start what he says was a ‘selfish journey’. He travelled the world looking for more information. He took courses, learned new techniques, and talked to leading experts, all in pursuit of answers.

He now runs his own clinic, David Grey Rehab, working with people in pain and top-level athletes to get the results they need.

David Grey’s Initial Thoughts On The ProSport Academy ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Program

David initial came across us on Facebook knew some people who had taken the Mentorship…

‘I met a guy who had done the mentorship before, he highly recommended it. Obviously when someone you respect recommends it then you’re going to check it out.’

‘I was very sceptical but I looked at some of the content, saw some of the principals, and it made sense to me.’

David Grey Knew Telehealth Appointments Were Important Before Everyone Else

Shortly after completing the ‘Go To’ Therapist mentorship program, David began treating many athletes and even other clinicians around the world using the step by step approach.

David combined the mentorship assessment content, including the simplified rib cage approach with his PRI and foot knowledge through anatomy in motion courses to construct an impressive system that saw coaches from all over the world subscribe to his Instagram and Facebook accounts to watch his videos.

Knee Pain Online Program Success

David produced a Lower Body Basics program taking the principles of the Mentorship, combining them with other courses he had done with the ribcage and foot, integrating them into his own step by step system.

We want you to take all your courses and combine them with all the good things you find in the Mentorship program and David is a great example of this.

Dave shot to fame with over 3,000 people going through his program, helping those with knee pain and other lower limb injuries.

David Grey Of David Grey Rehab at a ProSport Academy 'Go-To' Therapist Mentorship Refresher Course In Dublin, Ireland. All Rights Reserved

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About The Author

Dave O'Sullivan

Dave O’Sullivan, Chartered Physiotherapist with a master’s in Strength and Conditioning, worked as a sports physio for the Wallabies Rugby Union team (2023 World Cup), England Rugby Union (2019 World Cup) and England Rugby League (2017 World Cup). He built a leading clinic in Huddersfield, UK, and developed a unique step-by-step approach with his own sporting and non sporting patients.

Dave now teaches his methods globally and has helped over 1,000 physiotherapists and other health professionals, giving them confidence and clarity to help patients who have failed traditional approaches.