Simple Trick For Clarity In The Subjective Assessment To Get Guaranteed Results


Do you lack clarity in the subjective assessment?

Because without this, the objective may be overwhelming you…

…which will lead to a poor explanation of the problem…

…and a vague treatment plan.

Most importantly, there is also a lack of clarity for the patient.

A lack of clarity can often lead to inaction.

If you want the patient to have confidence in you as a therapist then the first step is you having clarity.

We follow the 80/20 rule in my own clinic and teach it inside my ‘Go To’ Therapist Mentorship program…

We spend 20% of our time and attention on the symptoms…

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And 80% undoing the adaptations that usually happen because of previous injuries or movement habits developed…

A.K.A the ‘why’ behind the symptoms.

Now some of these previous injuries may be absolutely fine…

But we still need to be aware of these… and you may notice some strange movement strategies in the objective assessment.

Having clarity in the subjective assessment allows you to make sense of the objective assessment.

The other thing we need to elicit and be crystal clear on in the subjective is what the patient NEEDS to be able to do on a daily basis… and WANTS to be able to do.

This will allow us to design a bespoke treatment plan… and actually get some quick wins and progress for the patient.

Two critical factors for adherence and buy in..

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To help you focus your mind, I like to write the injury history on a piece of paper or whiteboard.

This also allows the patient to make sense of the strategies they may have developed as a result of previous injuries…

Let me show you how I do it.

I’ll walk you through each step and what to do.

It’s what’s growing my business and guaranteeing I have a secure income and busy diary week in week out…

And yep… even through these crazy turbulent times.

I’ve shown this to over 400 therapists outside of my mentorship on a free CPD session during the pandemic…

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