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“I Need More New Patients” Wrong! And Why You Need This Instead…

Dave O’Sullivan | 11th December 2020

I used to think bringing in new patients every week was what I needed to grow my clinic…

That was until I started tracking my clinic’s stats very closely…and the truth was revealed.

It showed I was leaking money on advertising trying to get new patients in…

The one thing I’ve quickly realised in growing my own clinic and helping therapists grow theirs is this…

Something not done well in the FULFILMENT side leaves a GAP for the MARKETING/SALES team TO FILL!

It’s exactly what Abi did in her clinic…

Dave Osullivan progress patient
And now she has a 7 – 8 week waiting list…

She doesn’t have to spend a penny on advertising…


Because all of her patients are doing all the advertising work for her.

They’re telling their friends, who are telling their friends…

And now…

She’s the ‘go-to’ therapist in her town who EVERYONE wants to see and won’t go elsewhere…

All because they’re fully confident she will help them achieve long lasting results.

I’ll show you exactly how Abi and hundreds of other therapists have done this in my latest free training video.

You can watch the full video by clicking here.

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Looking forward to seeing how you get on.


P.S. Strategy calls are all taken up for the week so I’ve opened up a few more next week so you can get one in to give yourself the best shot at making 2021 your best year yet.

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