Giving The Right Intervention At The Right Time


Dave Osullivan progress patient

“Continue with those exercises and your back will resolve itself in the next few weeks”…

5 sessions in, that’s all shane would hear…

Osteopaths, chiropractors, PTs, physios, acupuncturists…they all said the same thing as their eyes glazed over and that hopeful line came out of their mouths…

The thing is we won’t get everyone right but we need to make sure we strive to give a world class service every single day.

That’s why I pride myself on the step by step approach that I have developed over the last 10 years.

And for Shane, after years of ‘just doing those exercises’ he finally got clarity on how to reach his goal.

He knew exactly what he was working towards in every session…

He earned the right to progress…

He did the right things at the right time…

He saw progress in every session…

Completed his treatment plan and is feeling better than ever.

Where does this all start?

Understanding the “WHY” behind everything you do.

Using a step by step system that both you and your patient understand and enjoy.

Want to know mine inside out?

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And how easy it is to implement this in person…

And with telehealth patients

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