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A Fulfillment Problem Leaves Gaps To Try To Fill In Sales And Marketing

Dave O’Sullivan | 8th December 2020

True story…

Below is a snippet from some of my clinic’s KPIs over the past 3 months…

Dave Osullivan progress patient
Now August was probably the ‘pent up demand’ from lockdown…

But I want you to notice something interesting here…

Through tracking our stats we identified a problem that was happening on the fulfilment side (the actual delivery of physio) in August…

This allowed us to then put the time, energy, and resources into the right training for our therapists to solve the problem…

Now you can see the REACTION that has happened in October and November…

For complete transparency, this was CLINICAL TRAINING aimed around the subjective assessment.

Sure our new patients’ numbers aren’t hitting the goals but our total appointments are absolutely smashing it!

What does that tell you?

It’s not all about new patients.

Dave Osullivan progress patient
I could look at those stats and say “I need more new patients”


I can spend my time, energy, and resources in the right places to fix the true problems in the business…

The one thing I’ve quickly realised in growing my own clinic and helping therapists in my mentorship program grow theirs is this…

Something not done well in the FULFILMENT side leaves a GAP for the MARKETING/SALES team TO FILL!

think about that as we are about to enter 2021…

Where are you spending your time, energy, and resources in building your ‘Go-To’ Clinic?

Are you spending it on marketing and sales?
Or are you investing the right amount of time, energy, and resources to your fulfillment side?

Fixing the leaks in the bucket?

Now that we are getting on top of the fulfillment issues, now I can turn my attention to the marketing and sales side…


Dave Osullivan progress patient
But so many therapists in the next month are going to make the mistake of spending their time, energy, and resources in the wrong place with their yearly plans…

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Look, the internet is promising therapists everything.

Gain 30 New Patients each month with this Amazing Shiny New Bullet…

Double your number of new patients in 30 days using this simple text message…


Whether you’re selling a physio or other healthcare service.

There are 10 other options at every turn.

Everyone’s racing to the bottom.

Amateurs focusing on trying to fill the gaps actually on the fulfillment side by spending all their time on marketing and sales…

And unless you want to join their ranks.

You better learn to fill the gaps in your fulfillment side first ETHICALLY.

And then ensuring that you (or your therapists) don’t repeat those mistakes again by developing a “step by step system”…

That takes complete strangers and turns them into raving fans by delivering results.

And turns em’ into high-paying walking word of mouth marketing soldiers for your clinic…

Wanna see one of my ‘systems’ in action?

And witness, firsthand, how to get walking ‘marketing’ soldiers for your clinic coming to you…

If so, you’re in luck.

Because I’ve just put together a video that does exactly that.

I’ll show you step-by-step how the whole thing works.

From initial assessment to discharge.

Watch it for free here.

To your success for 2021!