Unusual Black Friday Offer


<p>You’re going to receive hundreds of emails this week…</p>

All about huge savings on courses…webinars…books…

You name it, you will get an offer for it this week.

Yes, it’s great to save money.

But, I want you to think about something before you buy another course or a webinar…

Will you actually be able to implement what you learn in the real world?

Will it increase your confidence and clarity so you can treat even the most complex of patients that walk through your door…

And finally,

Will it allow you to give more value to your patients?

The thing is, I’ve spent thousands trying to figure things out for myself.

And the most frustrating thing is I’d never have support after the course.

I’d feel lost, like I’d wasted money again not knowing how to implement the stuff I learnt in real life with my athletes and patients in private practice.

I made a lot of mistakes over the years…

Grinding it out and “hustling” 14 hour days.

The worst thing was seeing one patient after training then having to wait an hour due to a no-show or cancellation before seeing my final patient and not getting home until late in the evening.

Then, one day I came up with an idea.

It allowed me to take what I was learning and ‘implement’ it in my private practice.

So instead of going from session to session with a patient…

I started communicating with my patients like they were my head coach in pro sport…

Everyone thought I was a fool, and that there was no way this could work…

After a lot of practice, stepping outside my comfort zone and a lot of trial and error…I finally developed a ‘step by step system’.

And everything changed for me.


I used this “step by step system” to quickly catapult me into building the #1 fastest growing physio clinic in my town that allowed me to go from one treatment room and one staff member (me) to five treatment rooms, a yoga studio, and gym in just 5 short years (all while still working in pro sport)…

But it’s not just me!

I’ve also deployed this step by step system in over 25 different countries to help over 500+ private practice therapists increase their patient visit average ethically and get long-lasting results for their patients…

Listen, a part of this system’s success is that it’s SIMPLE for both YOU and the PATIENT!

And this ability to double or treble your patient visit average ethically is all built while providing massive value to your patients and delivering results for them.

That’s why I’ve put my system all together in a short 6 hour course for you to master and implement with your own patients.

Dave Osullivan progress patient

And as I know there’s going to be a lot of webinars and courses ‘sold’ to you this week.

Make sure you choose the one which will help you right now…

one that will give you the confidence to implement it with your patients and guarantee you’ll get results…

One that will give you support during and after the course…

Click Here To Get Immediate Access To My Entire Return To Play System.

And yes,

I’ve given you a discount.

It’s on until the weekend or before the course sells out. Whichever comes first.

Go and check it out here.

Talk soon


P.S. In this 6 hour course I give you every detail of my step by step system so that you can easily implement it in the real world…with real patients.

Here’s Just 50% Of What You’ll Master During The Course:

  • Have The Clarity & Know How To Design A Complete Treatment Plan From Start To Finish While Giving A Confident Prognosis On How Many Sessions It Will Take
  • Have The Confidence To Communicate Effectively With Your Patient So They Understand The Key Exercises And Progressions While Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Guarantee Better Long Lasting Results For Your Patients While Spending Less Time Doing Hands On Treatment
  • Know How And WHEN To Be Aggressive With Your Rehab. Know When To Back Off
  • Understand When Your Patient Is Ready To Start Running Without Flaring Up
  • Deliver Powerful Treatment Plans With Effective Exercises That Actually Work For Your Patients
  • Ensure Your Patient Adheres To Their Treatment Plan While Progressing Every Session
  • Never Skip A Step Again. Have Complete Confidence That The Patient Is Safe To Return To The Activities That Add Value To Their Lives
  • Get Your Patient Back Quickly And Safely So You Can Have The Reputation As The ‘Go-To’ Therapist In Your Town

Need some actual proof this stuff works?

Take a look here.

Dave Osullivan progress patient

Dave Osullivan progress patient



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