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The “New” Way To Get Patients (Extremely Fast!)

Dave O’Sullivan | 6th November 2020

How much time do you spend worrying about your clinic’s diary each week?

Counting up the possible income, seeing how many more patients you need to make some sort of profit that week so you can take a wage home.

Looking for news ways to advertise…

Will this work on Facebook?

Hoping for at least one reply to your newsletter…

Or an old friend might ring up for an appointment.

I used to worry about this all the time…

Spending thousands and wasted hours on new shiny advertising objects that simply didn’t work.

Sure, they weren’t all complete failures.
I mean,

I got a few patients in…

But that wasn’t good enough if I wanted a profitable clinic that I didn’t have to stress about each week.

Because in reality, they’d come in for 3 – 4 sessions and drop off…

Out of nowhere I’d get this text…

“I’m feeling a lot better now I don’t need to come in again, thanks for your help”…

I’d go back, spend even more on advertising.

Waste more money,

Waste more time.

I began to think…

“If I could stop my patients from dropping off…

and they actually completed their 10 session plan that I know they need to truly build resilience, how much would this help my clinic’s diary and income?”

It all led to this formula…

Patient expectations – current reality = patients level of happiness.

Is there a mismatch between what they expected and what they got…

Is there a mismatch between where they expected to be versus where they are now…

Is there a mismatch between how they expected to feel a few days after the session versus how they do feel…

Look deeper into it before your next patient drops off or is about to drop off.

What happened in the first session?

What was said?

What was promised?

What was delivered?

Better yet, what did they say?

Did you pick up on this in the first session and say nothing?

The initial assessment is so important in so many ways and this is one of them.

I’ve got 3 questions that I’m going to share with you that massively increased my patient buy-in…

It skyrocketed my word of mouth referrals…and accelerated my clinic to being one of the fastest growing clinics in the UK…

Here they are:

1: What’s the problem (and what caused it)?
2: How long is it going to take to get back to X, Y, Z?
3: What’s the plan

Have the confidence to ask your patient these questions in the first session.

When you do this they won’t drop off…

You will have better patient outcomes…

You will have happier patients who go tell their friends and family how much you’ve helped them…

They will come and see you…

You help them…they go and tell their friends and family and so on and so on…

That’s patients coming to you for FREE!

No money on advertising or time spent worrying and stressing to get new patients through the door.

You simply become the “Go-To” Therapist in your town.
There is no competition on that.

Now if you want to start building your clinic and getting new patients fast you first and foremost need to have the clarity in understanding the problem.

Because without that. Patients WILL drop off.

To get help with that and FAST claim your FREE 30 minute CPD call.

I’ll give you the system I use to understand the WHY behind everything I’m doing with patients…

This will increase your confidence and clarity in your assessments…

Click the link below to claim a FREE 30 minute CPD call

Claim Your Free Strategy Call

Now I know times right now are tough.

But just promise me this you don’t switch off.

Don’t let Christmas or the pandemic be an excuse for patients dropping off.

Answer those 3 questions in the first session,
Set expectations,

See you word of mouth increase.

To your success!


P.S. Need some proof this stuff works?

No problem, one of my clients Zara emailed into my customer service success team to show off her amazing results…

P.P.S. Let me break this down from a financial point of view…

A patient drops off after 4 sessions who in all honesty needed an extra 2.

Those extra 2 sessions are £50 per session will cost you £1,000 per month for every 10 patients…

That’s £12,000 per year in lost revenue and results from your patients.

That’s not even to mention the damage to your reputation…

The lost referrals from ‘not so happy’ patients…

And the lost retention of these patients who didn’t get the results you promised them on your website.

You can pay some overpriced marketing agency to run SEO, Google Ads, or Facebook to try and grow your business if you want.

But unless you have the confidence and clarity to take a patient through a full treatment plan and get results…

You will always be worrying about getting new patients.

Let me help you solve that problem this week.

Click Here to Claim Your FREE 30 Minute CPD Call.

Spots for November are almost already gone!!

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