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Introducing The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind
10 Step Plan To Building A Clinic
You Are Proud Whilst Having
The Lifestyle You Deserve

A ‘Go-To’ Clinic owner understands and is in control of everything that happens in their business.

A ‘Go-To’ Clinic owner is at the helm of a business that is delivering to their needs and wants of life (and not the other way around).


Give you the frameworks, staff training and support to grow your clinic, profits and freedom by turning you into a professional ‘Go-To’ Clinic Owner.

  • You’ll have more control of your business
  • More certainty about what your profits will be each month
  • More successful patient outcomes
  • More retention, reviews and referral
  • More productive staff
  • And a great culture to grow your business

When you’re part of the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme you’ll know:

  • Exactly what to do.
  • Exactly how to do it.
  • And get personal help and support to hold you accountable and get it done.

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A Very Common (And Sad) Scenario
For Clinic Owners…

Your diary is busy and you are working 40-50+ hours per week…

Mostly filled with treating patients, hence having to spend time outside of the clinic working on the business side of things just to keep afloat.

So you decide to hire more people (therapists and admin) to give you more free time.

Problem is you give your therapist a diary full of patients only to find it is empty again a few weeks later so you end up seeing even more patients to be able to pay the extra wage bill.

Your admin is not doing things ‘correctly’ and it’s just ‘quicker’ for you to do it yourself.

This leads to you experiencing stress, fear of failure, overwhelming anxiety and even burnout.

You may even find yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to rely on someone to take leadership and responsibility and help drive the clinic forward.

And to make things even worse, now the majority of patients only want to be treated by you.

Your physios aren’t generating enough re-books from initial assessments or are unable to ethically keep patients progressing for more than 3-4 sessions per patient.

All of a sudden, your wages to revenue percentage is way too high and the clinic can’t generate enough profit now. Your outgoings are too high and it doesn’t leave much money left over for your own wage.

Before you know it…

You are earning less money than the rest of your staff while carrying all the risk and working twice as many hours!

How do I know this scenario?

Because this was my very own story.

If you are also experiencing a similar situation then repeat after me:

“Something has to change now!”

Follow The Exact 10 Step Plan That Allowed Me To Leave
The Clinic For Months At A Time To Attend
3 Different World Cup Tournaments…

The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme was introduced in 2022 to help more clinic owners avoid the problems I ran into when I went from a solo practitioner to hiring staff.

It is the exact same plan that allowed me to finally break free and travel to the other side of the world for months at a time while my clinic continued to grow without me.

Specifically for your situation, its goal is to help you become a ‘Go-To’ Clinic owner, at the helm of a business that delivers for you, your patients and your staff.

It’s a ‘holistic’ programme which tackles all aspects of building a super-successful clinic – not just the marketing.

Critically the unique ‘ProSport Head Physio Systems’ ensures your clinics profits and growth is built on a foundation of happy patients.

The programme not only gives you all the tools, templates and systems yet also trains your staff for you.

Whether you join the Programme or not, the structure it provides is the blueprint for what all clinic owners need in the months and years ahead.

We’re all facing challenging times and the more skilled and professional you are as a clinic owner, the better equipped you will be to flourish and thrive in the turbulence that lies ahead.

Dave O’Sullivan
Clinic Owner, Mentor & ProSport Physio


Step 1: Clear Vision & Life Goals
The first thing we’ll do is help you get crystal clear on what your definition of success is.

The biggest misconception society has taught us is that you always need to be struggling and working hard for success.

It sets you up for a life of struggle. A better word for what society calls success is achievement. – do this, get that. The reward for achievement being something else to achieve.

It’s never ending.

True success for you as a clinic owner is NOT a future reward.

It’s a daily experience.

Only humans can experience success, not your business! Not Your Business!!

Your business is the VEHICLE that you use to produce FEELINGS of success.

A the end of step 1, you will be clear on:

  • What is your Definition Of Success?
  • What is the COST of your Perfect Life?
  • What is your Money Now number?
  • What is your Financial Freedom number?

In addition, we will also help you get clear on which of your therapists are competent and which may be harming your clinic’s reputation (and your family’s income).

Your therapists will also begin gaining the skills to become competent private practice clinicians that can deliver your money now and financial freedom numbers.

Step 2: Clear Numbers
The language of business is accounting and if you cannot speak the language how can you expect to be successful in your business?

The trick is to learn how to translate that language into something that is usable and useful so you can make better decisions.

If you want to SUSTAINABLY success in business, you must learn how to:

  • Measure your financial results
  • Identify the ACTIVITIES that are sabotaging them
  • Know how to correct those mistakes (so the results you desire can be achieved!)

In step two, we’ll get deep into your clinic numbers and translate them into something that empowers you to make better decisions.

We’ll drive out your key numbers for your clinic [CLUE: It’s not just Profit!!] and then help you understand exactly what your clinic has to do in order to deliver your money now and financial freedom number (right down to the appointment numbers needed each day).

Your understanding of your business and how it really works will transform at this point and you will also be noticing a big shift in your therapist’s performance by this point of the programme.

By the end of step 2, you will have:

  • Acquired the SKILLS and TOOLS to understand your financial results
  • Clearly identify which activities in your business need to change
  • Have A clear financial plan in your hand to produce superior profits and sustainable growth
Step 3: Clear Plan
Now that you understand the ‘WHY’ you are in business and the ‘WHAT’ the business needs to do to deliver your definition of success, it is now time to plan the ‘HOW’ and ‘WHO’.

In step three, our Head Mastermind Business Coach (and experienced owner of multiple successful clinics) will help you to establish the right activities that need to happen to achieve your money now and financial freedom numbers.

By the end of step 3, you will have

  • A clear plan on exactly what activities need to be implemented in your clinic
  • A clear plan on who will do the activities (and what definition of done looks like)
  • The team you will need to achieve your financial freedom number
  • A clear vision and core values identified for your clinic to achieve your financial freedom number with great staff and culture

Your therapists are now completing their ‘Perfect Private Practice Physio Accelerator’ training. They are now well on the way to ethically increasing your patient numbers, profit and freedom.

Step 4: Admin Team Hitting Targets
This step is all about making sure you’ve got the right admin team in place, doing the right activities and generating revenue for your business.

Each admin team member will have clarity on their roles and responsibilities and the right resources that they need to do the job so that you can then get out of their way (like all professional ‘Go-To’ Clinic Owners do!).

A competent Admin should not only cover their own wages each month yet accelerate the growth and the profitability of the clinic.

Your admin team will also receive specialist training in this step that saves you time, money, effort and a lot of stress!

Step 5: Head Physio Dashboard Installed
A profitable and sustainable ‘Go-To’ Clinic is not built on how many new patients you get, it is built on how many patients you can keep progressing.

So many clinics, although well-intentioned, mess this up. They focus on growing their new patient numbers but then damage their reputation as they’re unable to deliver the quality and consistency of service that the clinic owner aspires to.

Not when you have the ‘Head Physio’ Dashboard in place!

In this step we will install the alarms to easily identify when patients are not progressing and the clinic’s reputation is at risk.

You will also have clarity on the exact numbers needed to monitor your therapists each month so you can fill the gaps in skills.

You will have every number you need to bulletproof the quality of care in your clinic so you can sleep easily at night.

Step 6: Happy Patients & Physio Team Hitting Targets
Your Therapists are the main income generator to deliver your Freedom Number. Your job now is to simply monitor their numbers and continue to empower them to be successful on a day to day basis.

You will now be using data-driven decision making and your in-service training will actually be solving problems in the business while growing a culture of happy empowered staff.

You’ll have the right Scorecards in place, the right head physio management processes, with the right roles and responsibilities, clearly defined, across your whole organisation.

It’s at this point that you are beginning to be liberated – another characteristic of the professional clinic owner who is not tied to their clinic because he/she is not treating the most patients each week.

Step 7: Marketing System Hitting Targets
Step 7 is all about cracking the consistent and predictable acquisition of new patients.

Now that the leaks are fixed in your business and your time, energy and freedom is on the right track, it is time to really turn up the dial on clinic growth and profit.

We’ll set your Marketing Scorecard in place and you’ll gain a deep understanding of your numbers and absolute clarity as to what it is you’re trying to achieve, we’ll help you put your Marketing Plan in place so you can execute it properly.

The difference this makes – tackling your marketing in the right context (as a professional clinic owner does) combined with the Head Physio Dashboards in place – is revolutionary for most clinics.

By the end of step 7 you’ll have:

  • The 5 ‘Foundational Blocks Of Marketing’ installed for long term sustainable growth
  • The 5 ‘Advanced Blocks Of Marketing’ accelerating your growth
  • A predictable and reliable way of getting new patients every single month
Step 8: Practice Manager Hitting Budget
Step eight in the Mastermind is when the fun really begins! You will have a key member of staff responsible and accountable for growing the clinic for you.

We will help you coach this key person to optimise all the elements of your business. Making the small tweaks that rapidly increase profitability.

They will be able to optimise systematically, across all aspects of your business with the help of the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind team as required.

Step 9: Head Physio Hitting Targets
You will complete the final stepping stone to freedom in this step.

Your new Head Physio will be promoted, onboarded and hitting targets. This ensures your practice manager can also consistently hit the budget and continue to exceed your financial freedom number.

This means your business can now consistently provide you with the drawings you need to achieve your life goals and definition of success.

Step 10: Clinic Owner Hitting Life Goals
And then you’ll reach step ten, the point at which you really are a proud professional ‘Go-To’ Clinic owner.
  • You’re in complete control of your business.
  • You have a clinic that you are proud of.
  • You have safeguarded its reputation and can sleep easily at night.
  • You have a great work environment for your staff members.
  • You get to choose what you do with your profits and your freedom…

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If you’re interested in joining the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme, click below to apply for the Mastermind program.
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Long Lasting Successful Clinics
Don’t ‘Wing It’. They Don’t Make
It Up As They Go Along.

The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme takes you on the shortest path possible to go from where you are now, to a high profit, high impact clinic that gives you the wealth and the freedom you deserve.

It’s a 10-Step Programme that will transform your clinic and turn you into a ‘professional’ clinic owner with a set of skills and knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your life.

If you’re ready to go from hoping for the best and winging it to being in complete control of your business – then the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme is for you.

Everything you will learn and implement has been tried and tested in our own successful, profitable clinic here in Huddersfield, U.K.

This is not some ‘sounds good in theory’ programme. It is an up to date ‘in the trenches’ solution that is proven to work in the real world, year after year.

Up to now clinic owners have had to go digging and find what they need from the overwhelmingly rich pool of resources available while spending tens of thousands of pounds in the process for the ‘better resources’.

Until now.

Because growing a ‘Go-To’ clinic isn’t just about having the right resources…

…it’s about implementing them – correctly – in the right order.

This is what the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme is all about.

We’ve taken these predictable milestones and created a reliable, proven 10-Step Programme which any clinic can use to grow.

We’ve then put in place the right support and resources to hold your hand and guide you through those ten steps, one at a time, going at a pace that you set.

It’s the most comprehensive support programme that we’ve ever made available.

We give you the roadmap to freedom.

All you need to do is work with us to follow the steps.

You can see the ten steps that make up the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme below.

Our team helps you step by step to progress and ‘tick off’ all of them on your journey to a super-successful ‘Go-To’ clinic owner.

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If you’re interested in joining the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme, click below to apply for the Mastermind program.

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Who’s It For?

The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind is IDEAL for clinic owners:

  • Who are stuck
  • Who are fed up with not making the progress they want
  • Who are fed up of training staff only for them to leave or ‘not work out’
  • Who want to become a professional ‘Go-To’ clinic owner – with skills that will serve them their whole life
  • Who want to significantly grow their income and their time off
  • Who are just starting out and want to avoid the painful mistakes that afflict so many clinic owners when you hire staff

The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind is NOT for clinic owners:

  • Who want a quick fix – this is about doing things properly. It will take time
  • Who are desperate
  • Who are addicted to ‘bright shiny objects’
  • Who are ‘Course Collectors’ who never take action

Your Investment

Your investment to join the Programme and become a professional ‘Go-To’ clinic owner equipping you with skills that really will serve you for the rest of your life – AND at the same time transform your clinic into one that delivers on your needs and wants in life is just £497/Month.

You’ll get your own dedicated ‘GoTo’ Clinic Mastermind Success Coach and access to our Specialist team as you progress through each Step.

Your team will also receive specialist training saving you time, money, effort and a whole lot of stress in the process.

This isn’t a quick fix.

It’s about turning you into a professional clinic owner and your clinic into a wonderful entity that delivers to your patients and delivers to you and your family.

Those are life-changing outcomes and they will take more than a couple of months to achieve!! For the record though, you can leave at any time by giving us 30 days notice.

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If you’re interested in joining the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme, click below to apply for the Mastermind program.
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The ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind
Programme Is A Proven System

Here’s what members of the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme who have been using this blueprint have to say:

Martin Loughran
Martin Loughran

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If you’re interested in joining the ‘Go-To’ Clinic Mastermind Programme, click below to apply for the Mastermind program.
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