I Know I Am Not As Good As I Think I Am


It’s funny you know…

I had a guy who had told me I had a big ego the other day and then the same day another person (see image below) said I’ve no ego…

The truth lies somewhere in the middle I’m sure 🙂

We had an ‘experienced’ therapist book a strategy call to tell my team everything I’m doing wrong yet internally in the Mentorship community I get so many messages every day telling me how much we’ve been able to change these therapists’ lives…

Ying and yang…

Another ‘therapist’ from London booked a strategy call and pretended to be Spanish just to see how we do things in the Mentorship…

There are people always trying to knock you down in life and then there’ll be incidents in the clinic on a day to day that may knock you down as well…

For example, I had a patient I couldn’t get right last week…

And to be honest, that’s probably one of the biggest things that still piss me off today is when I can’t get someone right…

And in truth, it can still knock my confidence at times…

I’m human for fu%ks sake!

When I started out I was fully sure I’d be able to help everyone.

(That was my ego back then)

Now I know I can’t help everyone…

…but the one thing I make sure I do when I can’t get someone right is to reflect formally on that case.

We actually have a spreadsheet in our clinic for this.

All my therapists do it now in my clinic

My clinic can’t help every patient I know that now…

But we learn from every patient we can’t help.

I ask myself some questions and force myself to answer them Honestly

It’s a horrible process but effective.

As Dr. Phil said, “Winners are willing to do the things losers won’t”.

Then I make sure I learn from this and endeavour to not make the same mistake again.

Because remember if you make a mistake once, it’s a mistake, if you make it again, it’s a choice.

That’s a principle I live by.

Well in this case the guy was progressing really well along the step-by-step system…

But progress wasn’t fast enough for him…

I didn’t set expectations well enough…

I also didn’t explain persistent pain well enough either in this particular case…

I lost authority on a small few things that over time compounded.

In truth, I was too nice to this patient.

I needed to treat this patient like I would a pro athlete and have a little bit of conflict.

There’s no solution without conflict.

Lesson learned and reflected on my end.

I won’t make that mistake again and have an action plan in place.

And Just when my confidence and self-belief is down a little.

…I get this lovely post to lift it back up again

Shane Mcay Post

That’s the reality of life as a private practice therapist.

We won’t get everyone right but we need to make sure we strive every day to help more people than we can’t.

And those that we can’t help we need to ensure we learn from so it’s not a choice to repeat the same mistakes.

That’s why I spent a lot of time, money, and effort developing a step by step approach like I used with Shane.

Now, many may see the image above and the taping the mouth comment at the end of the story…

…and jumping on that and trying that with every patient.

Heck, I’ll be honest, when I went down this breathing ‘rabbit hole’ initially I did that…

I told a lot of patients in the first session to tape their mouths when going to sleep to help get them into rest and digest (if not contraindicated)…

But what I’ve done now is learned from these mistakes.

A couple of comments from Shane to highlight…

He mentioned I never looked ‘fazed’ and ‘quietly confident’…

That was simply because I had the structure I was working towards.

Each session I knew where I was going and had to get him to.

And the taping the mouth business?

There were clues in his specific story and it was the right time to use it for him.

He was 90% there.

We kept the main thing the main thing!

He earned the right to progress to this.

8 years ago I would have started with this incorrectly

Now it was implemented at the right time once the basics were in place.

That’s the power of having a step by step system now where I always strive to understand the ‘WHY’ behind everything I’m doing…

In the past, I wouldn’t have been able to help Shane because I was using the right ‘things’ at the wrong time.

That’s clinical reasoning after all eh?

Giving the right intervention at the right time.

Be it hands-on, be it a rehab exercise…

It all starts with understanding the ‘WHY’!

So, If you want to see my step-by-step system in action just go here.

I’ve put together a video where I show you the whole thing, from initial assessment to planning the high-end progressions – you can check it out here.

To your success in 2021 and beyond!

So, If you want to see my step-by-step system in action just go Here

I’ve put together a video where I show you the whole thing, from initial assessment to planning the high-end progressions – you can check it out here.

To your success in 2021 and beyond!



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