How To Stop Patient Drop-Offs And Build A Busy Clinic Rapidly


Is a patient not turning up or a patient canceling politely and you know full well they won’t be back again worse?

Either way, a patient’s dropping off is bad for both your business and your reputation.

I look at this closely in my clinic weekly and we learn something from every drop-off.

The common formula it usually comes back to is this…

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Patient expectations – current reality = Patient’s level of happiness


If there is a mismatch between what they expected and what they got…

If there is a mismatch between where they expected to be now versus where they are now…

If there is a mismatch between how they expected to feel a few days after the session versus how they do feel…

Look into it before your next patient drops off or is about to drop.

What happened in the first session?

What was said?

What was promised?

What was delivered?

Better yet, what did they say?

Did you pick up on this in the first session and say nothing?

The initial assessment is so important in so many ways and this is one of them.

Getting all the information you need to help the person while also dealing with the person’s expectations can be challenging.

Remember, answering the 3 pro sports questions will often set expectations.

1. What’s the problem (and what caused it)?

2. How long is it going to take to get back to X,Y,Z?

3. What’s the plan?

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Having the confidence and clarity to answer these 3 questions will allow you to set expectations and minimise drop-offs.


Because you’ve aligned current reality with the patient’s expectations.

Gain clarity in understanding the problem and what the plan needs to be.

Have the confidence to take your patient through the plan before you even treat them.

Push outside your comfort zone and give a realistic prognosis of how many sessions you think it’s going to take.

Need some help to do this?

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