How To Stop Having An Inconsistent Stressful Clinic Diary


How is your diary looking for the next 2 weeks?

This is a question I used to hate answering.

Not to anyone else… just to myself.

It’s all I could think about when I first opened up my private practice.

I’d try to brush it off, not stress too much.

But when my patient would say… “Thanks I’ll give you a call next week if I need some more help”

At first that gave me hope but I quickly realised that in private practice that means… “I’ll probably forget and won’t ring you, but thanks”.

All I’d think after that was how the heck am I going to fill my diary.

I’ve got bills… rent to pay…

I’d go home thinking about it trying to enjoy evenings with my family and then BOOM.

The thought would just hit me out of nowhere.

Months on, I knew this had to change… just like Zara did…

Zara Murphy Email Min

We spoke to Zara just over 3 months ago…

In the middle of the pandemic she was seeing around 20 patients a week between herself and her business partner.

You’ll understand yourself.

The stress, and sleepless nights

Constantly asking yourself things like…

“Is it going to get better”

“How can I get more patients in?”

But in reality have you ever thought about what your patients were thinking?

What were they expecting?

What happened in the first session?

What was said?

What was promised?

What was delivered?

Even better… what did THEY say?

The initial assessment is ridiculously important in setting expectations for your patients and minimising drop offs for when you reach sessions 3 – 4.

In fact it’s so important that I’m going to share with you the 3 key questions I answer for EVERY patient I see.

1: What’s the problem and what caused it?
2: How long is it going to take to get back to X, Y, Z?
3: What’s the plan?

Once you have the confidence and clarity to answer these 3 questions you minimize drop offs… and maximise results… which is exactly what Zara is doing to see over 100 patients a week in her private practice.

She is in control…

She keeps her patients motivated, they know the plan, how long it’s going to take and ‘WHY’…

Let me show you exactly how Zara is implementing this in her initial assessments RIGHT NOW, to hit a record number of patients… even during a pandemic.

And no, not by using any fancy marketing tactics or strategies…

By simply getting world class results for your patients so that they go on to tell their friends and family all about how great you are.

I’ve put some time aside in my calendar next week to show you….

Click here, fill in the short form and book a time that suits you best.

I’ll go over how to implement those 3 questions and anything else that you feel you need some help with.

Put some time into your personal development, it’s so important.

So the results and reap the rewards.

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