How The ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship Is Helping NHS Physios Change Lives Every Day


As a coach and mentor for the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship Programme I get to speak and share ideas with physios and therapists from all settings. In fact, I’ve mentored over 850 therapists from around the world.

From Chiropractors to sports therapists, osteopaths and physios, I’ve coached them all through my Mentorship. But recently we’ve been seeing a big rise in the number of therapists who work in national healthcare coming to us.

Incidentally, they almost all have the same question. And if you’re a physio in a national health setting you may be thinking it too….

‘How can the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship help me?’

Well, today I want to answer that question. I want to show you exactly how the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship is helping more national health physios than ever.

Read on to find out what the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship can do for you as a physio working in national health.

We’ll cover…


  • What is it like working as a physio in the NHS?
  • 6 ways the ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship is helping national health service physios.
  • Our national health success stories.
  • What NHS physios get when they join the Mentorship.

What is it really like working as a physio in the NHS?

In 2018 the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy found that ‘the number of physiotherapy staff employed by the NHS UK-wide reached a record number of just under 28,000, an eight-fold increase since the founding of the NHS.’

And it isn’t just in the UK, countries over the world are seeing more and more physios working in their national health service. In fact, statista found that there were 5,104 physios working within the Irish HSE in 2019.

Now before I go any further, I should first say I have never worked in the UK NHS or any other national healthcare around the world. My path was different but that isn’t to say I haven’t had contact with hundreds or thousands of physios in the national health.

It is a great career path with so many incredible opportunities but, just like working in private practice, it has its drawbacks. Very often I come across the same things again and again…

  • Shorter appointments
  • Unmotivated patients
  • Longer wait times
  • More stress

So it is stressful, but how are so many national health physios who come on the mentorship finding their job easier? How are they happier at work and getting more job satisfaction than ever?

How are those therapists not taking the weight of their work home with them at night? And how are they able to progress their patients all the way to their dream goals and make a truly meaningful impact on those people?

How can the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship help them do all that? Well, let’s take a look…


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How Is the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship Helping Physios Working In National Health?

The problem is most physios in national health don’t think we can help. It isn’t their fault. They’re back to back case loads. Finding it hard to keep up. Longer hours and little time with patients.

But let’s take this down to the basics! Whether you’re a private practice therapist or physio working in the NHS, we all want one thing. To make a meaningful impact on our patients’ lives.

We want to help people reach their dream outcomes and get them back to the activities they love. But with short appointments, demotivated patients, and more stress, it can be hard to feel like you’re making a difference.

So let’s run through, step by step, a few things that change when NHS physios join the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship.

1 – The ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship Will Save You Time

Every therapist who joins the ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship program gets unlimited access to my step-by-step system.

I created this system over years of work in pro sport and private practice. The idea was that it gave me the confidence to act quickly and condense my sessions. I had to treat to a strict timescale so I had to save time somewhere.

This is incredibly powerful, especially in a national health setting when you have a limited time, from 20-30 minutes, with every patient. Andy Ellis, is one of our mentorship therapists who is using the mentorship principles to save time. We’ll hear more about Andy later but first…

‘How is he able to save time in his 20-minute NHS appointments?!’

This all comes with module 1 of the mentorship. Module 1 gives you everything you need to perform a world class subjective assessment.

We teach you how to ask higher level questions that you don’t learn at university and how to connect the dots so you can get to the true cause of the patient’s problem fast.

No more wishing you had more time in sessions. You can start to make a real impact and progress your patients in the shortest time possible.

Saving time in NHS physiotherapy appointments

2 – Boost Patient Motivation & Secure Treatment Plan Adherence

Patient motivation is a tough deal in a national health setting. The patient has been passed to you, they’re been around the houses, seen other healthcare professionals, and most likely been failed by traditional approaches and other physios.

In fact, the BMA found that over 6.6 million people are on a treatment waiting list in the UK. If that is their story, can you blame them for not being interested in your rehab? Can you understand why their motivation is at an all time low.

So how can the ‘Go-To’ Physios Mentorship help NHS physios turn their patients who are unmotivated and uninterested into highly-motivated patients who want to see their treatment plan through to the end?

Well, once they have the root cause from your subjective assessment they can then design and share a treatment plan that commands buy-in from the patient. That a patient truly wants to do.

The reason they can do that is because they ask some simple high-quality questions to find out what the patient wants and needs to be able to do in life.

Once they understand that they understand what their treatment plan needs to be able to do to help their patients reach their dream goals. It is as simple as that.

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Using the 'Go-To' Physio Mentorship Programme to secure patient adherence

3 – Start Your Treatment Fast And Get Those Big Wins

One problem I see most therapists run into is the speed at which they can get their patients on the track.

The fact is, even if your patient is ready to buy into your treatment plan and excited to get going, if you don’t start fast and give them the big emotional wins they’ll lose faith in you and the work you’re doing together.

They won’t see the real benefits of the treatment plan, you lose their attention and you’re back to square one, unable to make a meaningful impact on their lives.

That is why, in the Mentorship we equip every therapist with the tools and strategies to start fast. To get that first wow moment. To get those big emotional wins early on so your patient will want to go home and perform their exercises. So they will want to come back.

Start fast with physio patients

4 – Easily Bridge The Gap With Every Single Patient

This is where the real impact is made on patient’s lives. This is where you truly make a difference.

When I meet a lot of therapists, they just don’t have confidence or the know-how to bridge the gap with their patients. But this isn’t their fault. It just isn’t something you’re taught at university or on CPD courses.

What we do at the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship program is give you the systems to progress any patient from session one, where they’re anxious and unmotivated, all the way to final stage rehab and their dream goals.

And this is where it becomes so powerful for therapists working in national health. You have the ability to see the whole thing through with your patient. You know exactly where they need to be and how you’re going to get there together.

There is no sending patients away and hoping you’ll see an improvement next week. It is the confidence to effortlessly progress them to their dream outcomes.

Using the 'Go-To Physio Mentorship to bridge the gap.

5 – Keep Up To Date With The Literature & Earn CPD Points

The truth is, being a physio isn’t easy. It just never stops, especially in a national healthcare setting. You spend all day treating patients back to back, you go home frustrated, you head to Google and start scrolling through the latest research and literature. (That is not to mention CPD courses and points.)

The problem is, when you look at the literature you have no idea how to implement it in the real world. There is no manual telling you what this means for you and your patients.

This is why at the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship, we break it all down for you. We give you a full literature list and show you how it fits into your work. Not only that, but we have a complete pre-course module on how to apply it in the real world. We also provide CPD points and regular refresher events so you can sharpen your skills.

A 'Go-To' Physio Refresher Course

6 – Changing Lives Every Single Day

As I said at the start, as physios, we all have one aim and that is to make a truly meaningful impact on patients’ lives.

But when you’re faced with unmotivated patients, less time for appointments, and the stress of back to back sessions, this can seem like an impossible task.

For any national health physio the real magic comes when you can put all of this together. If you can save yourself time, perform the strongest subjective assessment, find the root cause, start fast and get those first big wins, then bridge that gap and reach your patient’s dream outcome…

Well, then you’ve changed someone’s life. You have made a meaningful impact. They can do the activities they thought they would never be able to do again. They can lead a longer, happier and healthier life, and there is no better feeling.

Making happy physio patients with the 'Go-To' Physio Mentorship Programme

Our NHS Success Stories

Want to see how NHS therapists are using the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship principles and my step-by-step system to change lives every single day?

Just take at what Andy said…

The 'Go-To' Physio Mentorship NHS Success Stories

What Will A National Health Physio Get On The ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship?

Some people think we tailor the content we give therapists but this isn’t true. What we tailor is the support we give you along the way.

If your goal is x and someone else’s is y then you’ll get exactly the same amount of attention and support but we will tailor it to meet your goals…

After all, we just want to help you be the best physio you can be so you can help even the most complex cases live longer, happier, healthier and pain-free lives.

But no matter who you are, where you work, everyone gets the same access to my step-by-step system…


Here is what you get in the Mentorship;

  • Members Area Benefit – Step-by-step system for clarity and confidence. Refer back to cutting edge techniques whenever you get stuck & review the updated evidence based approach.


  • Cheat Sheets – Always know when to prescribe the right exercise at the right time without flaring your patient up. Quickly reference the step-by-step system between patients so you always know precisely where you’re going with a patient and how you’ll get there.


  • Difficult Patient Forums – Never feel isolated or stuck with a patient. Complete peace of mind and certainty on treatment plan. Eliminate the worry and the need to spend hours searching for answers on the internet or social media.


  • Exercise Library – Confidence to give exercises to patients with the correct cues at the right time. Save yourself hours of time. More value, adherence and accountability for patients. Prescribe the right exercise at the right time even before finishing every module.


  • Refresher Courses – Reassurance and confidence you’re doing things right. Feedback and support with your clinical skills and the content you don’t understand. Refocus, hone your new skills and get to the next level. Surround yourself with a great community of like minded therapists. CPD Points after every refresher event.


  • Coaching Calls & Feedback – Expert coaches provide support so you can be confident you’re doing things right and are on the right track. Take your understanding to a higher level and be crystal clear on all the concepts. Support when things aren’t going right or things get tough. Help implementing the content every step of the way.


  • Quarterly Masterminds – Regular CPD and the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest evidence base so you can be at the cutting edge.


  • Facebook Group – Join a community like minded therapists ready to keep progressing and focus on professional and personal development. Network and never feel isolated in private practice again.


Business Skills & Benefits

Find patients: Fill your diary, have security of income, gain the confidence in how to promote yourself the right way without being ‘salesy’ or worrying about your peers.

Sales skills: Finally charge what you’re worth. Feel more relaxed on overcoming those price objections you see every day.

Perfect initial assessment: Get off to a strong start by perfecting the initial assessment, getting patients to rebook and ethically filling your diary.

Patient adherence framework: Keeping your patients in the diary and achieving consistent numbers so you can worry less about finding new patients and have the security of income you deserve.


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Using the 'Go-To' Therapist In The National Health Service.

Are You A National Healthcare Therapist And Still Have Questions?

Firstly, sorry, I’ve thrown a hell of a lot of information at you but I hope you can see just how the ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship is helping physios in national healthcare…


  • Getting more time in sessions.
  • Boost patient motivation & secure patient adherence.
  • Start treatment fast and get the big wins.
  • Bridge the gap with every single patient.
  • Keep up to date with the literature.
  • Earn CPD points.
  • Change lives and make a meaningful impact.


These are just a handful of the benefits that our Mentorship members are seeing every single day. Real physios helping real patients reach their dream goals.

If you have any more questions on how the Mentorship works, or maybe you want to discuss your current situation and get together a game plan so you can build those happy patients and feel the impact you’re making on lives, click here and book your free no-obligation 1-1 30-minute coaching.


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