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EPISODE 35 – The Go-To Physio: Improving The Physio Profession, Diaphragms, Hamstrings, Balloons

In this episode, I discuss my recent experience on twitter, how to REALLY improve the physio profession, diaphragms, hamstrings, and balloons…
Episode 33 Podcast
EPISODE 33 – The Go-To Physio: Defining The Characteristics Of Patients Who When You See Their Name In Your Diary Your Heart Sinks
BRAND NEW PODCAST OUT NOW! Just like our clinic, our staff training has moved online. This week’s episode focusses on a crucial issue we discussed and how to solve it…

What are the characteristics of patients who when you…

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EPISODE 32 – The Go-To Physio: How I Am Using My Marketing And Sales Skills To Save My Clinic During The Next 30 Days
In this rare and one-off episode, I share with you how I am using my marketing and sales skills to save my clinic over the next 30 days. I share with you my exact marketing strategy as well as the number one thing to do to get the most bang for your buck…
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EPISODE 31 – The Go-To Physio: How To Implement Online Consults Within Your Business Immediately
We have had a lot of questions sent in regarding the current situation in the UK, I wanted to spend a bit of time and make sure I answered each one as well as I could and help put some minds at ease.

So, this week is all about how YOU can keep YOUR INCOME coming in while providing…

EPISODE 30 – The Go-To Physio: THE One Thing I Wish I Knew Starting My Private Practice 12 Years Ago
Welcome to episode 30 of The ‘Go-To’ Physio Podcast! Today’s episode is all about the one thing I wish I knew when starting my private practice 12 years ago…

This episode will help you save time, money, and stress…

EPISODE 29 – The Go-To Physio: The Importance Of Serratus Posterior And The Occipitals To Cervical Spine Health
We are back with another episode of The ‘Go-To’ Physio Podcast!

Episode 29 is all about ‘The Importance Of Serratus Posterior And The Occipitals To Cervical Spine Health’…

EPISODE 28 – The Go-To Physio: Module Four, The Lumbar Spine Assessment, Treatment & Rehab
Getting Limber with the Lumbar this week.

Many therapists find the lumbar spine a tricky area to assess, diagnose and treat…

EPISODE 27 – The Go-To Physio: Module Three, Key Aspects Of Treating The Upper Limb
This week we discuss the Upper Limb, from assessment to treatment to rehab!

We have a special focus on the importance of the biceps, triceps and flexors of the forearm, in particular, their roles in helping the shoulder be successful!

EPISODE 26 – The Go-To Physio: Understanding The Lower Limb, Module Two Key Points
This week’s episode covers the key aspects of Lower Limb Assessment, Treatment & Rehab! Module Two of The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship & our Lower Limb Return To Play Courses cover a huge range of theories, practical assessments, progressions & end-stage rehab…
EPISODE 25 – The Go-To Physio: How To Effectively Explain Your Findings To Your Patient
This week covers one of the most important things you can do as a therapist to increase your patient’s trust, adherence and belief in your treatment plan.

I discuss what I believe are the three key facets to effectively explaining your findings to your patients & athletes while making them excited to embark on their journey back to living pain-free…

Ep 24
EPISODE 24 – The Go-To Physio: Members Spotlight – Mario Ciccone
In this week’s episode I speak to Mario, an Osteopath who has finished my mentorship and has had a huge year in terms of his growth in his practice and his business.
EPISODE 23 – The Go-To Physio: Holiday Special
In this week’s episode, I reflect on the great year that we’ve had in 2019 and the big takeaways and lessons learned ahead of 2020.
Episode 22 Cover Art
EPISODE 22 – The Go-To Physio: Members Spotlight – Katie Evans
In this week’s episode, Katie shares her Mentorship journey as a sports therapist who has massively grown in her confidence and grown her own private practice over the past 2 years to a level where she’s now thinking about taking on new staff.

I’m really proud of Katie’s journey, and hope you enjoy the episode.

Episode 21 Cover Art
EPISODE 21 – The Go-To Physio: Therapy Expo Highlights And Key Takeaways
We had a great 2 days at Therapy Expo in November! This was a great event bringing a number of different professions together to discuss best practice.

Listen to the podcast to hear about the talk and how our two days went…

Episode 20 Cover Art
EPISODE 20 – The Go-To Physio: Members Spotlight – Interview With Alex Webb
In this week’s episode, Alex shares his story of how finishing the mentorship Live in April gave him confidence to set up his own practice.

Listen to his journey in this week’s episode…

Episode 19 Cover Art
EPISODE 19 – The Go-To Physio: David’s Journey To Getting Busier Than Ever In The Past 12 Months
In today’s podcast David shares his mentorship journey. David joined us on the mentorship last year and has gone from strength to strength.

Listen to his story to find out more…

EPISODE 18 – The Go-To Physio: How John Achieved Great Success Transitioning From The NHS To Private Practice
When John left the NHS and set up on his own in private practice it was a massive challenge initially, and he ran into some problems with patients that he’d now see as straight forward back pain patients.

Listen to John’s story to find out more about his journey to becoming the ‘Go To’ Therapist…

Episode 17 Cover Art
EPISODE 17 – The Go-To Physio: How I Got Better Results Spending Less Time With Patients
When Alan first joined by mentorship he was spending up to 90 minutes with some of the trickier clients. He has managed to drastically reduce the time he spends with clients while at the same time IMPROVING his results.

Listen to Alan’s story to find out how he implemented the mentorship system which allowed him to work smarter, not harder…

Episode 16 Cover Art
EPISODE 16 – The Go-To Physio: ‘Members Spotlight – “How I Increased My Patient Numbers x5”’
In this week’s episode, Leon shares his journey through the mentorship and how he grew his practice from 5-6 patients per week, to up to 30 patients a week at busy periods.

I’m very proud of Leon’s journey and his success over the past few months…

EPISODE 15 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The 6 Principles Of Deliberate Practice For Every Rehab Exercise’
In today’s episode I share the 6 principles I ensure all of my rehab exercises adhere to. Sticking to these 6 principles has helped me get some really good results quickly in high stress situations (such as world cup final week!).

Listen to the podcast to hear about the…

Episode 14 Cover Art
EPISODE 14 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The Importance of the Fingertips to Rotator Cuff Exercises’
I don’t tend to use a lot of open chain exercises in my upper limb rehab these days, but I think that even if you use them to good effect, a lot of therapists are missing a trick when coaching these.

Listen to the podcast…

Episode 13 Cover Art
EPISODE 13 – The Go-To Physio: ‘Nordics with Foot Pressures’
This week’s podcast is all about nordic curls. There’s a few tweaks to this exercise that I feel are essential to get the most out of them clinically, which I discuss on the podcast.

For more information see thegotophysio.com/blog where I’ve posted a video of how I…

Episode 12 Cover Art
EPISODE 12 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The Importance of the Penultimate Step in Deceleration’
I dedicate a whole module on my mentorship to deceleration. I feel it really is that important. But there are a few things that are extremely important to include in any deceleration drill to be successful.

Listen to this week’s podcast to find out my top tips for successful deceleration…

Episode 11 Cover Art
EPISODE 11 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The One Thing I Want All My Athletes To Do When Deadlifting’
In this week’s podcast, we digest the importance of using midfoot pressure when deadlifting, as well as discussing the pros and cons of different techniques used when coaching athletes…
Episode 10 Cover Art
EPISODE 10 – The Go-To Physio: ‘Feeling Rushed in Sessions & the Power of a Step by Step System’
Do you feel rushed in your treatment sessions? Do you feel like you need another 10 minutes to just ‘do one more thing’, eventually running over into the next session…

In this week’s episode I share how I avoid this problem in my treatment sessions, and how my step by step system ensures that I never ever feel rushed…

Episode 9 Cover Art
EPISODE 9 – The Go-To Physio: ‘Effective Explanation For Complete Patient Adherence & Buy In ‘
In the latest episode I share the number one thing I’ve implemented in my clinic and in progressional sport over the past two years.

Nailing this one thing has made a massive difference in my clinic…

Episode 8 Cover Art
EPISODE 8 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The Importance Of Diaphragm & Ribcage Mobility For Low Back, Groin And Hip Patients’
Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time researching and understanding the importance of the diaphragm and ribcage mobility. This is so important, and it’s a big part of my treatment focus in a lot of cases.

In this podcast I share with you my understanding of the diaphragm and ribcage mobility and why it’s so important for low back, groin, and hip patients…

Episode 7 Cover Art
EPISODE 7 – The Go-To Physio: ‘Terminal Knee Extension Exercises – Are These A Good Idea?’
In Episode 7 we talk all about terminal knee extension exercises. These are commonplace in many rehab programs, especially post-op, but are there better alternatives?

Tune in to hear how I modify these exercises to get quicker, longer lasting results with my athlete’s…

Episode 6 Cover Art
EPISODE 6 – The Go-To Physio: ‘How To Design A Treatment Plan After The Initial Assessment’
Designing treatment plans should be our bread and butter, but in my experience of mentoring 100s of other therapists, many are lacking direction in their treatments. Each session follows the next with no real plan in place to link them all together…
Episode 5
EPISODE 5 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The one formula you need to know to improve patient buy-in, adherence and reduce drop-offs and cancellations’
In this week’s episode, I share with you a formula that really resonates with my treatment approach. This formula is the reason why I place so much emphasis on effective explanation in the very first session…
Episode 4 Podcast 1
EPISODE 4 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The Single Leg Bridge Clinical Test For Hamstring Load Tolerance’
Following on from episode 3, in this episode of The Go-To Physio Show Podcast, I share with you a test that I use all the time in the clinic to assess hamstring load tolerance. If you’ve listened to episode 3, you’ll know how important the hamstring is for glute function, so this test is very useful to me to ensure my athletes and patients are safe to return to sprinting, running, and lifting…
Episode 3 Podcast
EPISODE 3 – The Go-To Physio: ‘The Glutes are only as good as the hamstrings and gastroc allows it to be’
In episode 3 I make a confession – I used to prescribe glute exercises for everything! As I began to gain more experience, I had to deal with some really tricky injuries with a number of elite players at various professional clubs that I was working with, so I had to gain a deeper understanding of how the glute actually works in function…
Episode 2 Podcast
EPISODE 2 – The Go-To Physio: ‘Understanding The Patient’s Story And Making Sense of The Objective Assessment’
In episode 2 of The Go-To Physio, I break down how to make sense of the objective assessment and being able to link it to the patient’s story. Doing this successfully is what allows me to be successful at steps one and two of my business growth plan (which I discussed in detail on episode 1)…
Episode 1
EPISODE 1 – The Go-To Physio: ‘My Business Growth Plan’
In this very first episode of The Go-To Physio, I will be revealing my EXACT 7 step business growth plan of how I MAXIMISED my clinical skills to build a profitable private practice. Following these steps allowed me to build my clinic from a small dingy treatment room above a running shop to now owning a 5 treatment room clinic and having 12 staff run the business without me being there…