Accepting Responsibility For 2021

Dave O’Sullivan | 16th December 2020

Quick story…

My daughter was 7 years old when she accidentally knocked a plate off a table.

Falling on the floor the plate broke, I looked at her, and she said, “It fell off by itself.”

Smiling I said, “Let’s practice saying: ‘I accidentally broke the plate.’”

She smiled and said, “I broke the plate on accident.”.

That day she learned an important lesson of accepting responsibility.

The act of accepting responsibility is one of the first things we do in the mentorship.

We focus on our own mindset first.

How WE think…

How We act…

How WE communicate to our patients…

There are therapists out there who have never learned this lesson.

Even as grown-ups, they’re still saying, “Something happened by itself.”

My patient just ‘didn’t get it’…

My patient just wasn’t interested…

My patient didn’t want to ‘get better enough to do their exercises’…

There is an exercise you can do: stand in front of the mirror and repeat, “I was wrong” until you feel comfortable.

Then say it every time you act inappropriately or unacceptably.

Dave Osullivan progress patient

When you take responsibility for the outcomes with your patients, both good and bad, you have control…

You will surprise yourself how quickly you will change your behavior and resultant patient outcomes…

If you struggle to get the right information from your patient in the subjective assessment…

If you struggle sometimes to make sense of the objective assessment and know where to start…

If you struggle sometimes to know how to progress your patient from the bed to higher-level rehab

If you are relying on your hands-on treatment too much

If there are times where you still don’t really understand ‘WHY’ you are doing things…

If you feel you could be giving your patients better value and outcomes…

Accept responsibility.

Take control of 2021 and your career progression.

Book your strategy call here now.

No bullsh$t

No hard sell

Just upfront value to help you, either way, make sure 2021 is a good year for your career.

To your success in 2021,


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