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Life is so much more relaxed. I’m not going to work thinking ‘how am I going to deal with this client’ or ‘what am I going to do next’ or thinking ‘what if they have had a regression’ and ‘I don’t know what to do for the week’ or ‘am I going to throw a load of exercises in?’.

Now I go to work thinking I know this person will be able to do this now or how to progress them safely and appropriately each week without wracking my brains and worrying, thinking ‘what if?’ all the time. I’m a lot more relaxed.

Coming home at the end of the day I don’t think, ‘today was hard’ or ‘I’m really struggling with this person’. I just know I did a good job, people got good wins and good value out of what I offered.

And even when there are more tricky cases I know I can come home, jump straight onto the Facebook group and ask a question which gets answered, normally within minutes. I don’t have to worry about that even with someone more tricky to work with.

Being able to get referrals when I’ve only explained to someone what is actually going to happen has been massive for me.

I got a referral from an assessment alone as opposed to actually getting rid of the pain or the problem in the first place. That is when I knew that this is really going to work.

Connor Phillips

The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship is one of the most comprehensive forward thinking personal development programs available to therapists.

Dave and his team are phenomenal. I went from struggling to feel good enough to feeling confident in my abilities virtually overnight which also took my client numbers from 10/15 a week to 15-20 within the first month. Within 3 months 20-30. I struggle now to fit them all in.

My client retention is incredible and I no longer advertise my client base is all word of mouth. In fact I need to take on another therapist to keep up with demand. I will put them through the program too.

From not feeling good enough and wanting to complete higher education courses to fill in what felt like a gap in my knowledge, I have found the key. Also the support from other therapists in the program and the team along with the whole process really is staggering.

Toni Stanton

Pre-mentorship I was definitely too scattered, ambitious, and excited when I was with clients. I was throwing the kitchen sink at them and now I know, when I see someone, how I’m going to take that approach with them.

Even teaching other therapists has been a way of me proving how much I’ve actually learned because they come in and say ‘how the hell do you know all of this’.

It’s unfortunate, I wish I learned this in school but I just feel like I’m on a completely different level. In terms of clients I was seeing maybe 10-15 people a week and now I’m consistently 25 plus, sometimes 30 a week.

Ultimately, at the end of the day I see each individual client many more times because I’m taking them through higher level drills. It’s never about squeezing things out of a client. We just find new things to work on and people are more motivated once they see the results.

Greg Stern

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Discover The Breakthrough Pro Sport Treatment Plan That Promotes Progression, Adherence, And Full Recovery In Almost Any Private Practice Patient!