The ‘Go-To’ Physio Show Helps Therapists Differentiate Themselves From Others in Their Area. This Show Will Teach You Various Segments From Clinical Reasoning And How You Can Build A Profitable Thriving Word Of Mouth Business…

Episode 1

In this first episode, I set the scene in helping you get the structure with your assessment, treatment, and rehab from the very first session with your patient

– Share with you the BIGGEST MISTAKE therapists make and actually think when starting up their own private practice
– I do a lit review on one of the biggest papers to influence my system
– Karl Morris shares a ‘Brain Booster’ tip with you about how to get those tricky patients on board with your treatment plan

And so much more…

Episode 2

In the second episode, I have top mind coach Karl Morris back with me diving deep into the story and tension.

– How changing expectations with reception staff, and how their role affects a patients outcome.
– Study on Asymptomatic people having a pathology or patient perception of not being listened to by Physio’s

And so much more…

Episode 3

How emotional stress may impact the body

– Stress research and reactions of the diaphragm
– Reactions of extreme fight or flight
– Diaphragm movements during toe touch
– How you can address objections in your patient’s first session to increase patient buy-in

And so much more…

Episode 4

In this show we’re talking all about movement.

– The different components of movement
– Practical applications of different strategies for movement on a day to day basis in your Private Practice
– I have Karl Morris back showing you more on how to direct patients attentions

And so much more…

Episode 5

The difference between a problem and a diagnosis and the benefits that is has to focus on the problem rather than the diagnosis

I’ve also got some strategies to use if you feel like you patients loosed confidence in you as a Therapists

Episode 6

– A way to keep on track with every patient:
– Always know where to go next with a patient
– How to know a patient is ready to progress
– The ONE BIG REASON patients drop off or never come back

And so much more…

Episode 7

– A way to make sense of your patient’s hamstrings symptoms with even the most stubborn cases
– Where to start with your hands on treatment
– The best exercise I use day 1 post-injury with even the most stubborn hamstring issues
– The most important thing you need to do with every patient to ensure they adhere to your exercise plan
– How to deal with patients who have had their confidence knocked and have had recurrent injuries

And so much more…

Episode 8

– How to make sense of a real life knee joint assessment and what the symptoms actually mean
– Where to start with your hands on treatment based on your assessment findings
– How to strap an MCL injury
– One strategy that can have a massive impact on your profit for your business
– How to improve your patient’s self-confidence using real-world strategies

And so much more…

Episode 9

– How to make sense of a complex groin pain or adductor pain presentation
– Where to start with your hands on treatment intervention
– An exercise I use post acute injuries and when the athlete or patient returns to real life activities
– One business strategy that will double your retention rate in your practice
– Practical strategies to ensure your patient gets the ideal outcome they want even if they have failed traditional approaches

And so much more…

Episode 10

– How to make sense of even the most stubborn ankle pain presentations
– A simple objective assessment test to use that can also be used at the top end stage of rehab
– One simple tip when sending emails to your past patients that will increase your retention and decrease the number of unsubscribes
– How to deal with patients having a bad day using real-world practical strategies

And so much more…

Episode 11

– How to structure a step by step return to play rehab plan for an ankle pain patient
– How to know when your patient is ready to return without second-guessing yourself
– The ONE QUESTION you HAVE TO ASK your patients that are not motivated or adhered to your treatment intervention

And so much more…

Episode 12

– How to strap an ankle using a simple technique that I have used for 10+ years in pro sport
– A way to ensure that your strapping does not wrinkle or cause cuts to your athlete
– A question that you need to ask yourself if you are to have a profitable clinic long term
– A way to ensure every patient is highly motivated and adhered to your rehab program so you can become the ‘Go-To’ Therapist in your town

And so much more…