Complete Clarity Progressing Patients From The Bed To High Level Rehab Exercises Without Flare Ups


Right Now Top Irish Physio Will Give You The Exact System He Uses With World Class Athletes & Private Practice Patients To Achieve Fast, Long Lastings Results Which Had Him Head Hunted By Both England Rugby League And England Rugby Union

Here’s Just 50% Of What You Will Master In Less Than 6 Hours:

  • Have The Clarity & Know How To Design A Complete Treatment Plan From Start To Finish While Giving A Confident Prognosis On How Many Sessions It Will Take
  • Have The Confidence To Communicate Effectively With Your Patient So They Understand The Key Exercises And Progressions While Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Guarantee Better Long Lasting Results For Your Patients While Spending Less Time Doing Hands On Treatment 
  • Know How and WHEN To Be Aggressive With Your Rehab. Know When To Back Off
  • Understand When Your Patient Is Ready To Start Running Without Flaring Up
  • Deliver Powerful Treatment Plans With Effective Exercises That Actually Work For Your Patients
  • Ensure Your Patient Adheres To Their Treatment Plan While Progressing Every Session
  • Never Skip A Step Again. Have Complete Confidence That The Patient Is Safe To Return To The Activities That Add Value To Their Lives
  • Get Your Patient Back Quickly And Safely So You Can Have The Reputation As The ‘Go-To’ Therapist In Your Town


Avoid My Biggest Fu*k Ups While Gaining The Exact Progressions I Use On A Day To Day Basis With Pro Athletes And Private Practice Patients…

The Whole Lower Limb Needs To Work Together And Therapists All Over The World Are Implementing This Shockingly Simple Step By Step Approach Thats Giving Them Outstanding Long Lasting Results

Dear Therapist,

Progressing a lower limb patient with osteitis pubis, knee osteoarthritis, hamstring, achilles, plantar fascia or long standing calf problems can be challenging…

They don’t always follow text book presentations like they’d led us to believe.

Even when I started working in pro sport with world class athletes 12 years ago…

There were times when I didn’t know where to go next with patients.

I’ll be honest. I took unncessary risks trying to progress players too quickly only for it to backfire with a vengence.

I had to find a better way to progress or regress a patient knowing that the athlete was at the appropiate stage of loading.

I then became obsessed with building a structured step by step progressive loading program that would take the guesswork out…

When the EMOTION of working in pro sport was high…

The result?

This system not only helped me in pro sport get to work with International teams but is helping over 300 therapists all over the world (in my mentorship program) eliminate the psychological stress of progressing patients in private practice.

These therapists are no longer worrying about patients cancelling, not doing their exercises or not responding as expected…

Patient are coming back motivated as they understand what they need to do to return back to their activities quickly and safely.

This structured step by step system is STOPPING the frustration of patients dropping off due to a lack of clarity or progress.

Therapists are no longer guessing whether they’ve “done enough”.

This Powerful system has stood the test of time not just on the World’s biggest stages, with high profile World Class athletes…

It’s also been used in my own private practice with my own private practice patients.

In just 6 hours, you are going to skyrocket your clarity, confidence, competence and results…

With 2 weeks access you can truly master the entire online course by implementing everything in the real world and getting great long-lasting everytime.

Following this simple trusted system will accelerate your reputation ahead of any other therapist in your area – Guaranteed (Because you are looking at the human body very differently)!


These Organisations Use This Proven System And Continue To Achieve Outstanding Results Time And Time Again!

These Therapists Have Confidence & Clarity Implementing The ‘Go-To’ Physio Lower Limb Return To Play Course Every Single Day

It’s really practical so you learn something and you immediately use it which helps solidify in your head how you’re going to use it in the clinic.
Patients always ask when can they get back running again, and now I can tell them in confidence when it’s safe to do so.
The course will definitely help with my confidence, that was a big thing for me, it was to get confident when dealing with players and clients of all ages.
From What I’ve learnt, I can now see myself working a lot better with the teams that I’m working with but also in my private practice with anyone, from players to elderly patients

This Online Course Is Only £147 And Here Is Why That Is Ridiculously Cheap…

You have 2 weeks access to the content and only have to implement it with one or two patients and take them through those extra higher-level rehab sessions that they really need (but you avoided previously) to make a massive difference to their lives…

This adds real value, increased worth of mouth referrals, retention of these patients in the future and increased revenue.

If I’m wrong, you can listen to my Irish accent for a bit, stop me mid-sentence and ask for a complete refund, no questions asked but…

What if I’m right?


About Dave O’Sullivan

Dave O’Sullivan is a consultant rugby physiotherapist for England Rugby Union who has worked at the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup in Japan and the 2020 Six Nations. He was also the England Rugby League Physiotherapist for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in Australia. Dave has the unique honour to being involved in a World Cup Final in Rugby League and Rugby Union. Dave also is the clinical director of ProSport Physiotherapy in Huddersfield where he has a 5 treatment room private practice with 12 staff .

Dave is also currently working with Huddersfield Giants, Warrington Wolves and Hull F.C and mentoring their Head Physiotherapists along side working with Professional Golfers and other top sporting professionals.

Dave set up The ProSport Academy ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship in 2015 to give therapists an opportunity to learn how to treat the cause and not just the patient’s symptoms. Dave teaches his exact assessment, treatment and return to play rehab progressions in the mentorship alongside in-depth clinical reasoning of understanding the WHY. Dave has now mentored over 200 therapists from Ireland, U.K, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, U.SA and Canada.

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