Gain The Structure, Confidence & Know How To Progress Of Regress Your Patients Using The EXACT Step By Step Progressions That I Used In The Rugby Union World Cup And Discover How To Implement These In Private Practice For Complete Patient Adherence

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Do You Find Yourself Sometimes Second-Guessing Yourself Where To Go Next With Your Patients, Especially With Higher Level Progressions Once The Pain Has Eased?

Do you wonder sometimes that you might be holding patients back longer than needed for fear of them having setbacks?

Have you ever had your confidence knocked with a particular patient and question if they are even on the right track?

Do you find sometimes you could do with more clarity with where your patient should be going next after stagnating for one or two sessions?

Have you ever felt indecisive when talking to patients and explaining what they need to do next which then has a negative effect on their ‘buy-in to’ the rehab plan…

…which has then resulted in frustration at the patient not being compliant with their rehab exercises?

Well if you answered yes to one or all of the above, then you would have experienced similar challenges to myself before I finally went about gaining some structure into my rehab and treatment plans.

And to be honest, I had had enough of just working session to session without any real direction and long term progressive plan from the first session to the last in the professional sporting environment and indeed my own private practice.

The True Problem Is, If You Were Anything Like Me, We Weren’t Taught A True Step By Step Structure From The First Session Right Through To The Final Progressions In University

In University (and on placement), we spent a lot of time practising low-level standard exercises…

Keeping knees over second toes, eccentrics and so on…

…but as you probably know by now giving patients a few exercises in sessions 1 and 2 is straight forward when their excitement is at an all-time high and motivation is high…

And is usually enough to change some level of their ‘pain experience’.

But what about when the pain eases and we need to expose them to more load so the pain does not return again?

Because as you know, the real world is very different to the treatment room.

And that’s why gaining structure and clarity is critical to be able to take a patient through a successful treatment plan, keeping them adhered and motivated from the first session to the last.

A lack of structure and clarity and have massive consequences for therapists on a day to day basis.

I’ve Seen First Hand How A Lack Of A Structured Step By Step Approach Has Patients Dropping Off/Cancelling Appointments Due To A Lack Of Perceived Progress & Even Therapists Not Being Aggressive Enough With Their Rehab Plan For Fear Of The Patient Having A Set Back

After mentoring a lot of therapists, I see this initially causing massive retention issues with therapists in private practice which has a big knock-on effect on their referrals and revenue also.

Patients usually dropping off after a few sessions due to stagnation and feeling like they are not making any further progress.

And then, worst of all therapists feeling pressured into performing additional hands-on treatment and manual therapy in hope of a ‘quick change’ in symptoms during the session as the stress of the patient not improving becomes too much for them (if you were anything like me initially)…

But predictably, once the patient goes out into the real world again and the load tolerance increases, the pain experience may return again.

And that pain returning again was my biggest single frustration during my early years working in pro sport and in my own private practice…

…because that lack of ‘know how’ to progress patients systematically, and logically while giving them exposure to load tolerance beyond the sessions 2 or 3 was never really emphasised enough in University.


Having Gone Straight Into Pro Sport From University, I’ve Had To Quickly Figure Out How To Gain Structure And Know How To Progress Or Regress A Patient But Most Importantly Have Full Confidence When Sending Them Back Especially On The Biggest Sporting Stages Such As The 2017 Rugby League World Cup Final

Giving up on my search for the ‘next’ hands-on treatment ‘technique’ or ‘tool’ and instead focusing my attention, time, effort and money on developing a structured step by step system was hands down the best decision I’ve made in my professional career.

Indeed in 2017, in Australia during the Rugby League World Cup, I had a very high profile player suffer an MCL injury in the first game which put a lot of pressure on myself to get him back quickly and safely…

And luckily for me, I was able to remove the emotion of the occasion and follow the step by step system to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion.

Indeed, later in the tournament after that player returned successfully, I’ve had 2 very difficult calls to make in the week of the World Cup Final…

And having that structure in place allowed me to logically make decisions and also communicate with coaches and players without skipping steps or being pressurised into making quick-fire decisions.

And this has been the EXACT same during the England Rugby Union World Cup in Japan.

And the nice thing is I’ve implemented the exact same process into my very own private clinic with phenomenal results…

Because the funny thing is, patients, LOVE IT because they know there is a plan in place for them which also gives them clarity and confidence in you as the therapist.

Using A Simple, Logical Step By Step System, I’ve Now Helped 250+ Therapists In Private Practice And Numerous Professional Head Physiotherapists In Pro Sports Implement Structure That Allows Them To Always Have Clarity On The Next Step Using This Exact Framework

The step by step system I’ve developed over the last 10 years is very logical and easy to follow…

It’s now been used in many professional sporting environments such as with professional golfers, during the England Rugby League World Cup and most recently in the England Rugby Union World Cup.

It helps you avoid the biggest mistake I see on a daily basis, even in these settings…

…that just because someone can single leg squat or lunge pain-free, that we make the assumption they are ready to run.

The step by step system ensures you gain the clarity to progress passed the sessions 1 and 2 so you can keep your patients progressing every session without losing interest, dropping off or feeling like they are not progressing.

Using the step by step system you’ll gain clarity on not only exposing the patient to replicable ground reaction forces similar to what they need to tolerate in the real world but take into the account the massive impact that speed of movement plays on coordination.

At the end of the day, you’ll know exactly how to progress without skipping steps so you’ll have complete confidence when sending patients back out into the real world with long-lasting results. When you have this knowledge to get long-lasting results with patients, you’ll experience far greater retention of past patients due to your ability to get results, increased referrals and greater revenue ethically.

You’ll ethically grow a thriving business based on getting predictable long-lasting results just like these therapists below…

Learn How These Therapists Confidence & Clarity Increased Dramatically After The ‘Go-To’ Physio Lower Limb Return To Play Course

“It’s really practical so you learn something and you immediately use it which helps solidify in your head how you’re going to use it in the clinic.”
“Patients always ask when can they get back running again, and now I can tell them in confidence when it’s safe to do so.”
“The course will definitely help with my confidence, that was a big thing for me, it was to get confident when dealing with players and clients of all ages.”
“From What I’ve learnt, I can now see myself working a lot better with the teams that I’m working with but also in my private practice with anyone, from players to elderly patients”

How Long More Are You Willing To ‘Go Through The Motions’, Feeling Rushed In Treatment Sessions And Finally Break Free From Giving The Same Exercises To Every Patient Without Any Clear Progressive Treatment Plan In Place

A lack of structure and ‘know how’ to effortlessly progress, from my experience will usually play out with therapists feeling under pressure for time and usually running over in sessions as they are trying to do ‘everything’ in one session. The Return To Play Lower Limb progressions will help you gain clarity and confidence so that you are always working towards the next logical progression in this session.

Once you focus your attention on the next most important step, those feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiousness disappear and you feel like you have much more time in sessions.

You are essentially working SMARTER NOT HARDER.

This progressive path is also critical for keeping patients on track so they know they are making progress, but most importantly, that there is more progress to be made. This is the number one reason for patients dropping off and cancelling appointments. Once you fix this problem, you will notice a massive increase in retention of patients, referrals because of great results and increased revenue ethically.

This is important to understand…

A lack of structure and clarity in the high-level progressions is costing a lot of therapists thousands of pounds (ethically) in lost revenue, referrals and retention but most importantly it’s costing patients an ability to be exposed to progressions that will allow them to have complete confidence and resilience when returning to their specific environments in their world.

This is the exact same step by step progressive pathway we use in our clinic on a daily basis and with world-class athletes such as professional rugby players, footballers, Ryder cup golfers to name but a few.

My guarantee to you is that everything we teach in the ProSport Academy is the content we use on a day to day basis and can be implemented in the real world the very next day.

There’s no secret exercises or extra levels…

…everything we teach is what we use in my own clinic and with professional athletes on a daily basis.

Even if you do not have any interest in working with pro sports athletes, you will be able to implement this content with your 50+ back pain, hip, groin, knee, Achilles, plantar fascia patients to great effect, just like we have done in our own clinic in Huddersfield.

“The Simplicity Of It All Allows You To Approach Lots Of Different Problems In The Clinic With The Same System…”

“I Can Now Be More Aggressive With My Rehab But If It Is Too Much, It Is Easy To Regress…”

“Great structure with a great foundation for lots of different scenarios that you can fall back on to understand the body as a whole…”

“It takes out the guessing for me and I now have a plan to progress or regress any patient…”

Gain Complete Confidence & Clarity To Always Know When To Go Next With Your Patients So They Keep Progressing Every Session, Even When They Have Failed Traditional Approaches

The aim of this 1-day course is to help you implement a step by step plan in the real world that allows you to have the confidence to progress or regress a patient instantly…

You will be able to always know where you are going next with your patient in the next session and communicate this with the utmost confidence which helps patient adherence and buy-in.

You will be able to know when it is safe for your patient to return to their activities knowing you have not skipped steps or risking setbacks.

Gain a reputation of helping patients that have failed traditional approaches as you can now progress every patient bespoke to their needs.

And here’s exactly what you will be able to do after this 1-day practical workshop:

  • Prescribe the most suitable and effective exercises throughout the healing process
  • Learn WHEN and HOW to be aggressive with your rehab and when to back off
  • Quickly develop a simple framework that allows you to progress easily from simple acute exercises to high-end rehab using a simple logical process
  • Learn how to communicate on the patient’s level to ensure the utmost compliance with your program
  • Keep your patient/athlete ‘hooked in’ with being easily able to progress or regress every single session so there is no stagnation EVER
  • Understand when to prescribe certain exercises at certain times of the rehab process to ensure the injury does not return again
  • Gain the knowledge to ensure you never skip steps again with a patient/athlete
  • Master the fundamentals of movement so you can stop worrying about ‘not knowing enough exercises’ but rather have complete clarity on how each movement builds into the next for the perfect graded exposure specific to that patient and their needs
  • Get your athletes back quickly and safely so you can consolidate your reputation as the ‘go-to’ therapist
  • How to use the Return To Play Blueprint to become super confident with your prognosis and communicating to patients and coaches when they will return to training or play.

About Dave O’Sullivan

Dave O’Sullivan is the current England Rugby League Physiotherapist and holds a masters degree in Strength and Conditioning. Dave qualified from the University of Huddersfield in 2008 and went on to go straight in the professional sports setting as a rehabilitation specialist with Leeds Carnegie and Leeds Rhinos.

Dave went on to specialise with the Leeds Rhinos and in 2010 was promoted as the Lead Physiotherapist at the club. In 2011 Dave joined Munster Rugby Union as a lead physiotherapist at the Limerick Centre. In 2013, Dave returned to Huddersfield, taking up the role of Head of Medical at Huddersfield Giants and enjoyed unprecedented success in 2013 and won the League Leaders Shield and been recognised as the most consistent team in the Super League. This was the clubs first silverware in 81 years and the Giants were recognised as having the best injury prevention rates in Super League for the three years Dave was heading up the medical team with only 1 post-season surgery in 2015.

In 2016, Dave stepped out of the full-time Professional sports setting for the first time in 8 years as his two daughters Ava May and Ruby Rae began to get older. Dave continues to consult and coach professional sport healthcare professionals in numerous clubs around the world as well as private practice and national healthcare service clinicians. Dave teaches these healthcare professionals how to implement the systems he put in place in the professional sporting setting and make applicable to the individual clinicians working environment.

In 2017, Dave was recruited by the RFL to lead the Physiotherapy department for the Men’s England Senior Rugby League Team for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup which ended in narrow defeat to Australia in Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane in December 2017.

Dave also treats professional athletes from all walks of sports and non-sporting athletes at his private practice, ProSport Physiotherapy and is now focusing on growing his clinic and accomplishing his mission of making it one of the best Sports Injury Clinics in the world.

Dave has enjoyed many great sporting moments and memories while ‘working’ and is now looking forward to helping other healthcare clinicians experience their own moments and memories.

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