Emergency Training For Mentorship Members (ONLY 50 Places Available To Non-Members)

“How I’m Using All My Marketing And Sales Skills To Save My Clinic In The Next 30-Days”

A Behind The Scenes Look At My 30-Day Plan To Market Our Telehealth Sessions & Survive This Recession


  • The Most Valuable Thing My Staff Is Doing This Week That’s Bringing In The Most Cash Flow That’s Free (That You Can Instantly Do Too – You Learn My Exact Step By Step Guide And Script).
  • The Emails I’ve Been Sending To My Current And Past Patients Including The 5 Sentence Email That Got My Clinic 9 New Sessions From Past Patients For This Week Alone (You’ll Get The Exact Template To Send To Your Past Patients).
  • How We Are Transitioning Our Most Skeptical Patients To Online Consultations Effortlessly (This Is A 2-Step Combination That Involves Very Little Work On Your Half).
  • How To Generate New And Past Patients To Your Telehealth Services Using Facebook Ads Correctly And Cheaply While Positioning Yourself As A Trusted Authority Almost Instantly (Even If You’ve Not Done Many Yet) While Avoiding Wasting Hundreds Of Pounds Like Most Therapists Do When Using Facebook
  • “The Ad Groups Google Ads Strategy” How To Set Up Your Google Ads Correctly And Create Proper Offers In Your Ads, That Practically Force Your Patients To Click Your Ads…
  • Behind The Scenes Look At The Medium-Term Marketing Campaign I’m Running Now That’s Already Getting Massive Engagement With Future Patients So I Will Have New Patients Ready To Book In When The Clinic Opens Again In 6-8 Weeks…
  • The Big Marketing Message Shift Will Happen In 6 Weeks’ Time For Physiotherapists And How To Get Ahead With Your Marketing… Private Physiotherapy Will Be Seen As A ‘Luxury’ For Some But This Other Thing Will Be Seen As A ‘Necessity’ While You Get To Deliver Exactly The Same Services.
  • How To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors – Even If You’re Up Against A Guy With A ‘Great Reputation Down The Road’…. And Only Have A Small Budget
  • A Little Know Strategy On Facebook That ‘Accidentally’ Creates A Stampede Of Word Of Mouth Referrals In 30-Days Or Less (This One Tactic Alone Will Leave Keep Your Diary Ticking Over If This Thing Lasts Longer Than 6 Weeks!)
STRICTLY LIMITED TO 50 ‘Non-Mentorship’ Members Due To Webinar Software Limits

For The First (And Probably Only Time) Ever I Am Sharing With Therapists Outside Of My Mentorship Community The Exact Marketing Skills I’ve Used To Grow An Online Business From Scratch To Now Having 4 Full-Time Staff And 350 Therapists World Wide Use My Mentorship Content ALL ONLINE…

Dear therapist,

On Friday 3rd of April at 10am UK time (will be recorded)…

I am holding another emergency online training for my Mentorship+ community.

Now their confidence has increased in doing online telehealth sessions…

They are wanting more and more of these patients.

I am going to be revealing to them the most effective ways to market these online sessions to their current, past and future new patients without wasting money…

I only ever teach therapists in my mentorship community marketing skills…


I’ve been inundated with messages from therapists asking for help…

For the first and genuinely probably the last time, we are making 50 seats available for therapists (who are or were on my email list previously) from outside the mentorship community to join us in this rare training.

This is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis as 350 seats are reserved for my mentorship community.

You’ll learn how to market your clinic on a very small budget while saving yourself thousands of pounds in the long run.

You’ll get a look at exactly what we are saying to patients on the phone…

You’ll get my exact email templates including the one that got us, 9 new patients, this week (seriously, if you use this email with your past patients and it doesn’t cover the cost of the webinar training, I’ll genuinely refund the £97)…

You’ll get my best tips on how to advertise efficiently and correctly on Facebook (tip: boosting posts is not an efficient way to use Facebook ads)

You’ll get exactly how I set up Google ads and avoid the big mistakes therapists are making right now that is cost them thousands of pounds a year on more expensive clicks from people who are not even going to book an appointment.

I’ll share with you the campaign I’m running at the moment to ‘cold’ leads or people who we’ve never worked with before so that in 6 weeks’ time, we’ll be the first people they call.

And you’ll get a lot more than that also to increase your cash flow and manage your budget over the coming weeks.

This invitation is strictly only for therapists who have shown an interest in my work previously and on a first-come-first-served basis.

You will gain immediate access to the webinar replay for 30 days after the training.

So why am I doing this?

If you’ve shown interest in my work previously, I want to help you not only survive this recession but also go on to thrive when things settle and hopefully work with myself and my team again in the future.

If you follow my advice in this webinar, you will differentiate yourself from the other 80% of therapists who will make costly mistakes and be seriously affected by this recession.

Click HERE to enrol if places are still available:






Dave O’Sullivan is the Founder of the ProSport Academy & ProSport Physiotherapy in Huddersfield, United Kingdom. He has grown a physiotherapy practice from the ground up to now have 12 staff and 5 treatment rooms. Alongside this, he has also built a six-figure online business with four full-time staff that mentors therapists all over the world using online technology.
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