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The ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release approach (GSTR) is a targeted set of manual therapy techniques designed to identify and address maladaptive movement strategies that may be contributing to your patient’s pain experience. Developed as part of the ‘Go-To’ Physio Methodology, GSTR aims to work with your patient’s nervous system to restore the ability to tolerate load and redevelop the skills required to achieve the functional outcomes desired.

Learn Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques
Developed And Refined In Professional Sport

This hands-on approach was developed and refined by Dave O’Sullivan over the past 15 years of working in professional sport.

After taking numerous manual therapy courses and certifications early in his career, Dave quickly noticed that the majority of hands-on techniques only give short term results (while destroying your own hands).

It wasn’t until Dave realised that ‘there is no magic bullet’ or ‘technique’ and integrated his hands on approach as part of a full step by step system that he began to see long lasting results.

From here the hands-on approach continued to be tested and refined in professional sport until Dave was satisfied that the results could be replicated first with his own therapists in private practice safely and then with his own Mentorship therapists all over the world.

Simple Yet Powerful Techniques That Will Allow
You To Understand Why They Worked (And Why
They Didn’t) With Every Patient

At the heart of the ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release technique is sound clinical reasoning and clear key performance indicators. This ensures that therapists ‘understand the why’ behind everything they are doing and can easily course correct if they are not on the right track.

This will save your hands but also ensure you do not unnecessarily ‘flare patients up’ or allow them to become ‘reliant’ on hands on treatment.

You will discover how to use mental models (such as second order consequences), critical thinking skills, manual muscle testing and other key frameworks from the ‘Go-To’ Physio Method to apply the right technique at the right time.

The ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release Technique is more than just a set of manual therapy techniques; it is a comprehensive approach to looking at the person first, pain second and addressing the underlying causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

By focusing on the patient’s story, undoing maladaptive movement strategies (using second order thinking principles), improving range of motion, and enhancing load tolerance, GSTR plays a pivotal role in the ‘Go-To’ Physio Methodology, guiding patients towards a more functional and pain-free life.

Clinical Reasoning + Nervous System Based Hands On Approach = The ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release Technique

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Provider By Attending An Upcoming Course

Upper Limb Hands On Course
9th & 10th March
Lower Limb Hands On Course
13th & 14th April
Spine Hands On Course
25th & 26th May
Upper Limb Hands On Course
27th & 28th July

Course Schedule:

Day 1:

  • The ‘Go-To’ Physio Method Hands On Approach
  • Second Order Thinking Principles For Manual Therapy
  • The Use Of Key Performance Indicators In Manual Therapy For Specified Course
  • Assessment Techniques For Specified Course – Part 1
  • Practical Hands On Techniques For For Specified Course

Day 2:

  • Practical Hands On Techniques For Specified Course – Part 2
  • Practical Hands On Techniques For Specified Course – Part 3
  • Practical Hands On Techniques For Specified Course – Part 4
  • Putting It All Together: Clinical Reasoning With Applied Case Studies For Common Clinical Presentations For Specified Course

Your Course Instructor:

International Sports Physiotherapist

Dave O’Sullivan

Experience and Expertise

  • Has mentored over 1000+ therapists in over 50 countries to improve their confidence.
  • Head Physiotherapist for England Rugby League in the 2017 World Cup.
  • Rehab Physiotherapist for England Rugby Union at the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup in Japan.
  • Consultant Physiotherapist to the Wallabies Rugby Union team at the 2023 Rugby Championships and Rugby World Cup in France.
  • Physiotherapist to Kevin Sinfield and the 7 in 7 in 7 team which has now raised over £15 million pounds in charity for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
  • Private physiotherapy practice in the North of England.
  • Qualifications include a BSc (HONS) in Physiotherapy from the University of Huddersfield, and an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St. Mary’s University, London.
  • Clients have included professional golfers, superbike racers, professional footballers, Olympic ski and snowboard athletes – and even professional singers.

Dave’s mission is to guide ambitious clinicians from competence to mastery, by giving them the skills and guidance they need to never feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck again with patients.

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Become A ‘Go-To’ Soft
Tissue Release Provider!

Upon successful completion you will receive:

  • Certification as an ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release practitioner (for the anatomical region completed)
  • A listing on our world-wide find-a provider referral network
  • Rights to use the ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release Provider Logo (for the anatomical region completed)
  • The confidence to assess and effectively resolve your patients symptoms for specified course
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Each Course Limited To 16 Places Only

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release Course?

The course is a specialised training program focused on innovative soft tissue manipulation techniques, emphasising the nervous system’s role in musculoskeletal health, particularly for upper limb, lower limb and spinal conditions.

Who is this course designed for?

It’s ideal for physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, and other health professionals interested in enhancing their skills in soft tissue therapy especially in private practice and professional sport.

How is this technique different from other manual therapy approaches?

Our course uniquely integrates a deep understanding of the nervous system with hands-on soft tissue techniques. This approach is designed to provide long-term relief and functional improvement for patients, rather than just temporary symptom relief. You will work directly with your patient’s nervous system (and not against it) to restore normal function.

What conditions can this technique effectively treat?

Our graduates have success treating various injuries and pain presentations in the upper limb, lower limb and spine that commonly present in private practice and pro sport.

What makes this course right for experienced physical therapists?

Even if you have existing manual skills, this course provides new assessment frameworks, reasoning approaches, and hands-on methods into a complete step by step system. It will boost your critical thinking and expand your treatment options.

Do I need prior experience with soft tissue work to take the course?

No prior experience is required. We build manual skills systematically, providing practical guidance every step of the way. Our graded exposure progresses all students appropriately.

Is this technique supported by research?

While no single technique can claim to have exhaustive, direct research backing every aspect, the ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release Technique is firmly rooted in scientifically validated principles. Our commitment to evidence-based practice ensures that therapists receive training that is not only effective but also aligns with the latest advancements in healthcare research. The underlying principles are not only grounded in pain science and motor control research yet also combine mental models and critical thinking skills for safe and responsible application.

How long is the course, and what is the format?

The course spans over 2 days, combining lectures, interactive sessions, and hands-on practice. Detailed schedule information is available on our website.

Do I receive certification upon completion?

Yes, participants who complete a course and relevant certification assignment will receive a certification in the anatomical region, recognising their proficiency in this specialised area.

How much does the course cost, and are there payment plans available?

The introductory course fee is £497. There are no payment plans available.

Can I apply these techniques immediately into my practice?

Absolutely! The course is designed to equip you with practical, ready-to-use skills that can be seamlessly integrated into your current practice.

Where will the courses take place?

The course will take place (unless otherwise specified) at ‘ProSport’ headquarters in Huddersfield, UK. The full address is ProSport House, 156 Trinity St, Huddersfield HD1 4DX.

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Transform Your Practice
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With the ‘Go-To’ Soft Tissue Release Technique, you’re not just enhancing your skill set; you’re transforming your approach to patient care. Say goodbye to temporary fixes and hello to a world where each session brings your patients closer to lasting wellness.

Join us in redefining what’s possible in physiotherapy. Let’s make a lasting difference, one patient at a time.

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