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Is Being Busy In The Clinic Delaying You From Sending Your Patients Their Exercises Or Worse, You Forget To Send Them?

Do Your Patients Lack Confidence In The Exercises You Give Them And Don’t Do Them As Often As They Should Or Even Not At All?

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve let your patients down when you don’t give them their exercises on time or worse you get an email from them a few hours later asking for the exercises that you promised to send them?

It’s so frustrating when you have a great session with your patient, effectively explain everything and they leave feeling motivated and excited that they’re going to get back doing what they love to do.

After the session, you’re then scrolling through countless exercises looking for the right one and just hoping that you explained everything properly so they know how to do them and how often to make sure they will progress in their next session.

Or worse, you’ve been so busy that you’ve forgotten to send their exercises over and hours later you get an email asking where they are.

The false promise you gave your patients lets them down and they begin to lose motivation to do their exercises.

Countless Times We Have Seen So Many Patients Not Doing Their Exercises Right, Not Progressing In Every Session, Losing Their Motivation And Dropping Off Before They Should Be Discharged

When your patient leaves your clinic and books in for their next session they are highly motivated and go home telling their friends and family what a great experience they had.

They want to start working on their progress straight away and begin doing their exercises, when they don’t receive an email they feel like you have forgotten about them, their usual life continues and they completely forget to do their exercises that you showed them in the clinic…or they try to do them but don’t do them correctly.

Your patient begins to feel let down they feel that you don’t care about their progress and are just focused on the next patients you’re seeing that day.

They come back for their next session with no progress to show, they start to lose motivation in progressing and eventually they drop off without completing their treatment plan.

This is all down to those simple rehab exercises that are VITAL to your patient’s progression.

Having The High-Quality Exercise Library Allows Us To Easily, Simply And Quickly Send Exercises Straight To Our Patients Soon As they Leave – Leaving Them Highly Motivated And Ready To Progress In The Next Session

When I first started out in a tiny room above a running shop and my word of mouth started to grow I barely had time to breathe let alone send exercises straight away to patients.

And I am sure you’ll be able to relate to this!

Fast forward to today, I have 12 staff including a videographer and 3 physios that see 100’s of patients a week.

This has given us as a clinic the opportunity to be able to record a library full of HIGH-QUALITY exercises that we are constantly added to. The physios are coaching EXACTLY what to do in each video to ensure our patients do every exercise perfectly…

Our patients go home with their exercises already sent, knowing that we care about them, they’re motivated to keep doing their exercises and excited to progress in their next session.

Having Access To The Library IMMEDIATELY Sets Your Self Apart, Find The Right Exercise INSTANTLY, Know What Exercise To Progress With, And Have Full Confidence That Your Patient Will Be Coached To Do The Exercise Right

Using your very own bespoke login you will be able to access 100’s of exercises and INSTANTLY send them to your patients

Also on your account you will have a statistic tab that enables you to keep track of how many exercises you are sending out and how many patients you are sending them to.

Login With Your Unique Details
Easy and Quickly Find The Right Exercises And Send Them Over To Your Patient’s Email
Upload Your Own Videos To The
Library, Allowing You To Send Your Own Custom Videos To Your Patients
Add a Personalised Message
See Your Patients Ready To
Progress When They Come Back To See
You With Our Patient Profiles Feature
Search The Exercise That You Want
and Send It Directly To Your Patient
Keep a high standard throughout by being able to customise your library’s colour, branding and even logo when your patients receive their email.

Keep track of the exercises that you send to each and every one of your patients, including the exercise you sent, what date you sent it and how many times you have sent an exercise to that patient. Also you can easily resend another exercise to that patient without having to type their details in again!

Which is exactly what many ‘go-to’ therapists for the Mentorship have now done which has made a huge difference to their time and their relationship with their patients.

Join These Therapists That Continue To Set Themselves Apart, WOWING Their Patients Knowing That They Will Be Ready To Progress In Their Next Session

“If I feel that I may not have coached the exercises correctly I don’t need to worry because I can completely trust and know that the videos will have the correct cues for when my patients do their exercises at home. It’s very easy to use and extremely quick at sending the exercises out, so much simpler than scrolling through lots of videos on my phone that I did before. It’s so much more professional, my patients love it!”
Julia Trollip

“The exercises are clearly described making it really easy to know which one to send to my patients, it linked perfectly to the mentorship using the modules that I’ve completed. I really like how it is divided up into area’s of the body and how the progressions are laid out in a step by step manner.”
John O'Neill

“The videos are filled in really high-quality, the details in the instructions and cues are fantastic! It’s so easy to access, it’s saving me tonnes of time in the clinic.”
Mario Ciccone

“The exercise library is so easy to use its given me complete clarity over the next exercise to give you the patient to progress them to the next stage. With such a busy clinic at the moment, the ease of it and mobile access makes it an essential need in the clinic”
Conall McFadden

Save Time Finding Exercises INSTANTLY, Be Confident That You’re Giving The Right Ones And That They’ll Be Coached To Do Them Perfectly Ready To Progress In Their Next Session

The Exercise Library Saves You Time:

You’ll be able to find the right exercises for your patients instantly and have them sent as soon as they leave your clinic.

The Exercise Library Makes You Money:

Your patients will leave the clinic feeling motivated, do their exercises regularly and come back ready to progress in their next session with complete adherence to their treatment plan and complete it passing on their praise to their family and friends.

The Exercise Library Is A Trustable Resource:

With our three physios that have undergone close training with me and my videographer shooting high-quality videos. EVERY exercise has the right cues to ensure your patient completes their exercise in the correct way, so in case you feel you haven’t coached them perfectly, you’ll always be able to rely on the videos to see them progress.

Exercises I Have Used With Elite Athletes In BIG Decision Making Moments:

The exercise library is full of exercises that have been perfected over 10 years, used with 1,000’s of patients that always seen their ideal outcome. Not only that, but these exercises have also been used in BIG decision making moments like the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Final week, with professional golfers ahead of the Masters and has just been taught to the England Rugby Union Medical & Performance Team.

Have Your Patients Excited To Do Their Exercises, Save Time And MAXIMISE Your Patients Results With Full Confidence That They’re Doing Their Exercises Correctly Which See’s Them Progressing In EVERY Session

Now you’re a ‘go-to’ therapist this is the essential tool that is going to continue to set yourself and your clinic apart from the rest.

Have your diary filled with excited and motivated patients that you know are going keep coming back and ready to progress in EVERY session.

MAXIMISE your patient’s results and have them feeling confident in your as a therapist showing that you care about them getting their ideal outcome.

Be stress-free, use your time in building your clinic and have a diary full of patients that you know will be ready to progress in their next session because they are motivated and have gone home and continued to do their exercises.
MAXIMISE your patient’s results, keep them motivated feeling 100% confident in you as a therapist that you care about them and are going to get them to their ideal outcome.