Diaphragm Course Online

Diaphragm Course

In Just 3 Hours, Top England Physio Dave O’Sullivan Will Help You Have The Confidence And Clarity To Implement A Simple And Easy To Use Assessment And Treatment Approach For the Diaphragm By Understanding The ‘WHY’ Behind Everything You Are Doing…

L1 – Introduction

The whole aim for this course is to simplify what can be quite a complex and overwhelming topic. In the video lessons we are going to cover actionable content that will have a meaningful impact on you and your patients lives, including:

  •  Key things to focus on in the subjective assessment
  • What to look for in the objective assessment
  • Understand the principles of graded exposure
  • Gain an understanding of the peripheral tissues you may need to consider

Thanks for investing your time and energy with me and I hope you enjoy the course!

L2 – Understanding The Basics

L3 – Subjective Assessment

L4 – Standing Objective Assessment

L5 – Passive Ribcage Mobility Assessment

L6 – Breathing Pattern Assessment & Desensitisation

L7 – Blowing A Balloon Up Correctly Lying Down & Seated

L8 – Seated Back Relaxation With Balloon

L9 – The Importance Of The Hamstrings And Internal Obliques Load Tolerance Ability

L10 -Putting It All Together & Final Thoughts

Restore ribcage mobility first (especially retraction)

Then focus on slowing down the inhalation and prolong the exhalation in a graded exposure manner

Once you work on the inhale and exhale we need to improve load tolerance through the necessary tissues (this will vary depending on your patient)

If you want to learn more about Dave’s approach go to https://thegotophysio.com/mentorship

Thank you for completing our Diaphragm short course. Now you have a clearer understanding of how the ‘Go To’ Therapist approach helps hundreds of therapists get world beating results book a call with one of our coaches to discuss your situation and how we could help.