These Therapists All Gained Complete Confidence And Clarity After Joining The ‘GO-TO’ Therapist Mentorship

Karl O’Toole

So how has the mentorship helped me with my clinical confidence is really, it’s made everything a lot more simple in my mind. And it’s helped me deal with sort of more complex cases on a simpler scale. So I’m able to see things differently now, with the help that I’ve learned from Dave on our training in the programme.

Ciaran Aherne

Yes, I’ve found the mentorships really useful and really good for my confidence so far. I’ve found that when treating patients I definitely feel like the structure of programme has really helped that I feel like I know where I’m going with each patient positively. It’s been great from that point of view.

Brian Harte

The mentorship has helped my confidence by giving me a clearer path. Initially, when I came out of college, my orthopaedic test and I was getting a lot of positives. I was being led down roads that I didn’t necessarily need to go down. With this system not only are we using Dave’s or the Pro Sport system, it’s just a much clearer path.

David Grey

It’s really helped in my confidence. I was always confident in my treatment and my results, but its given me that clarity and confidence that I know exactly where I’m going to go next with my client no matter who it is. Any person that walks in the door, I know that I have the tools to be able to treat them, and help them. It’s been huge in that regard.

Naomi O’Reilly

The mentorship has helped me in that I’ve got the means of a bit more of a structure to go through in my assessment. It’s kind of simplified it a little bit ’cause sometimes I think when I was starting I was nearly trying to do 20 or 30 tests and than you get a bit of a positive here, and there but it didn’t really guide me towards what I then needed to do for my treatments.

I think the mentorship for me has simplified my structure a little bit. It’s kind of given it more of a flow through what I’m doing from that assessment into, “Okay, how’s this going to help with my treatment.” And then from the treatment that reassessment process again. So, that you’re not done with treating and then just going on and not thinking, “Well, did that actually do anything?”

I think now with the mentorship, if I try and change something I’m better at going back and assessing has that actually done anything. Has it changed what I’m doing? Is it going to then lead into what do I do next?

I think it is more about that structure, simplified a little bit, and just has given me then more confidence of like, “This is what I’m finding. I’m going to test that. Okay, I’m not seeing the change there so what else could it be?” So, we’re kind of pinpointed towards a few different areas. You can test that. See if it makes a change, if it doesn’t I’ll go, “Okay, what is the other thing that could impact on that?” It gives more routine to it I think.

Paudie Breen

How I feel the minute someone makes contact with me, I have a step by step process. I know where it’s going to hopefully end if they come on board. But then, I can break it down into steps maybe. Instead of just from before being a bit nervous that I didn’t know what the final outcome would be, and where would I get them.

But I get the feeling that there’s a lot of clarity now in my plans, in my assessment of the person, and definitely engaging with people too, and making them feel confident in you which is a big thing really.

Catherine Lawler

So I thought about this a bit, how this has to do with my confidence is I have the tools, but they weren’t coming together. I wasn’t able to bring them together. I suppose the mentorship has just allowed me to bring everything together. It’s like I can’t describe it.

It’s like a broken link, okay? If you have a broken link and the mentorship is that full link. It brings it all together. It’s just seamless from start to finish. You’re just a complete professional therapist in what you’re doing.

Clodagh Mcgrath

My confidence was starting out was pretty low. When I joined the mentorship, it was a big step going forward. Now, I set up my own clinic, and I mentor. I have clients coming in. I have confidence in a progression plan for each individual to go by, and you can have help with lads with feedback and you can ask them questions if you’re unsure of something that’s really in particular to a client then you can go and ask the lads that, and you’re confident in doing it, and you’re confident in talking to your patient with it.

Alan Corboy

Mentorship has helped me massively with my confidence, and I suppose exactly what I wanted to get out of it. It just gave me some reassurance. I felt like there was always somebody there to help if I ever felt there was something I couldn’t figure out myself. There was always somebody there to help me along. From that I’ve learned so much, and the confidence that I’ve gotten from it is unbelievable.

I feel now that I’m one of the top physios in my area because of the mentorship.