These Therapist Are Apart Of A Growing Family With LifeTime Support So They Never Feel Isolated At Therapists Again

Naomi O’Reilly

When I first signed up to the mentorship, I was working private practise, and I was a physio working in a practise on my own. There was no physio working there at the same time. It was just me. I’d only recently graduated as a physio. I’d a background in sports science and strength and conditioning but was kind of relatively new. Only out as a physio a couple of years. I wanted the opportunity to get a chance to kind of talk through what I was doing. I think the great thing I like about being part of that ProSport family is that concept. It is a family.

No question is a dumb question, and I think because how Dave and the team, Shane, everyone, approaches it, you don’t feel like you’re asking a dumb question even though to you you are. The way they kind of come back and guide you, they don’t give you the answer, but they prompt you towards finding the answer yourself. I think that’s the biggest thing, because when you’re in a treatment session with someone, someone isn’t giving you the answers all the time, but it’s knowing that the cues that are pointing me towards where I want to look. I think that’s the thing I really like about it.

Clodagh Mcgrath

I work for myself, and I’m in my own practise, and sometimes that can feel isolated, which the ProSport with Dave and Shane and all the guys, you can ring them up. They’re on Facebook. You’ve access to them 24 hours a day. They get back to you, and they’ll give you guidance, whereas when you leave your course in college, sometimes you feel that’s it. That’s all you have contact with, and you’ve no one else to turn to for a bit of guidance and advice.

Brian Harte

The support that you get from the mentorship is really crucial, because when you’re working on your own, sometimes you need to bounce some stuff off people to get… If you’re having a difficult patient, you’re not progressing well, it’s always good to have the fallback there. You can send an email, you can pick up the phone, talk to the guys there. They’ll get back to you if they’re busy or whatever. It’s very efficiently done. You’ll always get an answer, and it just gives you that kind of confidence that if you have something difficult, you have a get out of jail card so to speak. You can get these guys on board, and they’ll steer you in the right direction. It’s really helpful.

Karl O’Toole

Working on my own in private practise, sometimes I felt like I was probably on my own doing everything in isolation, and when I joined the mentorship, I instantly felt like I had my own group of people around me, so it was a great opportunity to meet other people, like-minded people, and to have them give me the support I need as well. To have the likes of Paul, Shane, and David just to call on them any time I need them, and they’re there just to give you any support you need, big or small, it’s invaluable

Catherine Lawler

I guess what I was looking for when I signed up was… I’ll probably phrase it by saying I probably felt a bit lost being self-employed, not having the backup that you had when you were in college and your colleagues. You go on courses, and then you don’t see anybody for probably a year or so until you do your next course. I just needed… I needed mentorship. I just needed the backup that this course provides.