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Do You Keep Putting Off Updating Your Clinic’s Website, Feel That It’s A Waste Of Time As It’s Not Bringing In Any New Patients, Or Maybe It’s Not Bringing In The Right Type Of Patient That You Want In Your Clinic…

Do you keep meaning to make changes to your website or add a latest post to your Facebook page but never get round to it and push it to the back of your to do list because you have a million other things to do?

When you finally get round to adding a new Facebook post you have a mind block and don’t know what to post, or do you see little or no engagement at all.

Do you feel like you waste time writing new blogs, make a fancy looking home page or even get an agency to do your marketing but all you see is very little return or worse… the wrong type of patients coming into your clinic.

Are You Paying An Agency To Do Your Marketing But Not Seeing Much Return And Still Wasting Time Dealing With The Wrong Types Of Patients In Your Clinic?

Paying people from advertising agencies to look after your clinics online presence can be hard to let go and be daunting at first.

They probably promise you some amazing results and even show a few good case studies….

But do they truly care for your clinic, your message or most importantly… your patients!

They charge £100’s and you still take them on because you’re not 100% sure yourself how to market your clinic to the right patient and you don’t want the stress or don’t have the time to do so.

Not Knowing The Type Of Patients You Want In Your Clinic & Not Having The Right Message On Your Website Or Facebook Is Turning Away At Least 15+ Patients From Your Clinic Each Week

If you don’t know what type of patient that you want in your clinic how are you supposed to know what words, content, or what your overall marketing message should be?

What’s worse… you probably have had a lot more word of mouth referrals than you realise….

BUT when that referral has looked for your clinic on social media, you haven’t been present for a few weeks or your message is too broad and isn’t showing any internal motivators that your patient would connect with…

They go back onto Google and search for the next Clinic in town.

All because your marketing message was off.

Having Our Marketing Message Spot On And Knowing The EXACT Patients That We Want In Our Clinic Has Allowed Us To Rocket Past The Usual 2.3% Conversion Rate To 40% – Averaging 25+ New Leads Each Week

When I first opened up my clinic I was new to marketing, I had no idea how to set up a Facebook Page let alone run a website with very little time I had to do so.

10+ Years on, £50,000+ spent testing Facebook Ads and £30,000+ spent on Marketing Gurus…

I have hand-picked the key takeaways from every penny spent and put them into 1 complete strategy that is used every day in my clinic.

And now we want to help those EXCLUSIVELY on the Mentorship to get noticed by everyone in their town as The ‘Go-To’ Clinic.

Having Spent Over £80,000 On Marketing We Now Have A Proven Strategy In Place That Brings In The Right Patients To Our Clinic And Converts Them Into Package Buying Patients.

Having the type of patient in mind that you want to treat every day is a HUGE step into having your marketing strategy on track.

This helps you know what your marketing message should be…

And Keeps that type of patient getting in touch with your clinic day in and day out.

Which is EXACTLY what it has done for our clinic.

You Too Can Be The ‘Go-To’ Clinic In Town That Everyone Chooses On Google

Have Complete Confidence Knowing Your Clinics Online Presence Is In Good Hands, With People That You Know And Trust And More Importantly Is Constantly Bringing In New Patients – Even When You’re Sleeping

The Business Booster Saves You Time:

Focus your full attention on the more important things in your clinic, we will take complete care of your online presence so you can leave the hard work to us.

The Business Booster Saves You Money:

Agencies massively over charge for the return that you get, with the business booster package you’ll see a huge return, your weekly patients increase and your ad spend decrease.

The Business Booster Is From Your Friends That You Can Trust:

My dedicated team will take care of your clinics online needs, they know the exact message you should be getting across, who you should be marketing to… AND they care about you and your clinics RESULTS.

As you know from the Mentorship we are always at hand to give you help, advice and guidance whenever you need it – want something updating, send us a message and we will sort it.

Gain An Extra 20+ Patients A Week (The Type You Want To Treat) Without Having To Worry Where They Are Coming From And Wasting Money On Agencies That You Can’t Trust Or See Results With

Now you’re a ‘Go-To’ Therapist, it’s time to build your ‘Go-To’ Clinic!

Be the clinic that everyone searches for on Google… clicks on your website and INSTANTLY knows you’re the physio that is going to help their issue NO MATTER YOUR RATES…

…And see your weekly diary increase by 20+ patients.

Are You