Multi Ligament Knee Rehabilitation Video Case Study


I was doing a podcast interview a few days ago for Robbie Bourke’s All Things Strength and Wellness Podcast and he reminded me of a video we made on rehabilitation of one of our elite rugby league players, Danny Maguire, back in 2010. Danny suffered a horrific injury which you can see the mechanism in the start of the video involving two tendon ruptures and also required multi ligament reconstruction surgery in addition to repairing the tendons.

This video shows some of the techniques we used back then. While we may differ and look to improve our rehabilitation techniques and thought process slightly in 2015, it does still hold some solid principles of rehabilitation that we adhere to. The biggest thing I got in reflection of rewatching the video is how different I coach exercises now. I can see mistakes in Danny’s technique now that I may have missed in 2010. It is important to always be progressing and improving. Enjoy the video and we will be dissecting the full 18 minute version inside The ProSport Academy Online Therapist Mentorship.


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