How To Progress Your Patients Every Session So You Don’t Need To Always Rely On Your Hands-On Treatment


I hear this everyday…

“My patients want and need longer than 30 minute appointments”

“My approach is different and this won’t work on my patients”

“My patients don’t like paying for treatment plans and prefer to go for pay as you go”

60% of the time, this type of nonsense comes out of the mouths of therapists who haven’t implemented such strategies!

The other 40% comes from therapists who have unfortunately wasted thousands on CPD courses that gave them no support whatsoever.

..Sure they’ve got some results.

Took some value away but when it comes to actually implementing the content they get stuck and just forget about it.

They wouldn’t even see a return on the money they spent on the course.

These are generally the CPD programs that offer you a great deal on something but then they only give you a little bit of information and you have to upgrade and pay more to the next level of the program that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them…

Let me introduce… my new Return To Play Course.

NO hidden “next level program”, hooks, gimmicks or shenanigans of any type.

I’m literally giving you this short course for 14 days, all I’m asking is you help me out and consume the content, take action and let the results speak for itself.

The short course is to give you my exact step by step system that I use everyday to have complete clarity progressing my patients in every session…

The system gives me confidence to get results without needing to rely on using hands-on treatment.

Which right now in this current climate has been the key to keeping my clinic thriving through the pandemic and the current lockdown here in the UK.

You see, working in professional sport my whole career while also building a cash-pay private practice, there has been no room for errors or mistakes…

You need to get results quickly and safely.

That’s why I like to build safety nets into my rehab programs…

…so I know it’s safe for patients to progress quickly but more importantly have earned the right to do so.

This allows me to work smarter, not harder.

That’s exactly what the ‘humps’ are in the graded exposure plan below…

With lower limb injuries, for example, there are two places you are more likely to mess up…

That is knowing if patients can tolerate the load in standing based exercises and knowing if they are ready to run.

So what I like to do is to use two to three key tests to ensure they have earned the right to progress…

For example in standing exercises…

…if I want to train co-contractions more functionally in the everyday life of the patient…

…I really want to stress the soleus and hamstrings to make sure they can tolerate this to allow the hip to be successful in everyday tasks…

A test I use as a key performance indicator is a hamstring load tolerance test…

Not a perfect test and I’m sure the ‘Twitter Gurus’ will have a field day but very useful in the real world with real people…

The patient basically lies on their back and does a single leg outer range bridge… just lifting their bum an inch off the floor.

Then they take the weight off the heel and into the midfoot and lift the heel slightly off the floor.

This will put more load on the distal hamstrings and soleus. If the patient can tolerate the load, great.

If they cramp or can’t feel the hamstrings tolerating load… then I suspect there are still motor adaptations present… and there’s more work to be done before progressing.

Not a perfect test that will make a top journal… but in the real world, a really useful quick test in the clinic that gives me confidence.

Another example is running.

I want to really increase the rate of force development… ensure the knee joint is co-contracting well… and the whole limb is doing its job before exposing to running.

My hopping progressions are a great way to overload the tissues in a more controlled environment gradually… before exposing to the first running session.

This is critical in private practice and pro sport to take the emotion out of the decision making and make decisions based on logic.

I’m going to help you master this and much more in less than 6 hours on my new Return To Play Course…

I’ve got an offer on at the moment so you’ll make your money back and more from just 2-3 patients.

You’re basically going to avoid my biggest F$!% ups while gaining the exact progression I use on a day to day basis with pro sport athletes and private practice patients…

Sound too good to be true for such a low investment?

OK, there’s three reasons why I’m doing this….

#1: As a means of putting my best foot forward and demonstrating I can help you by actually helping you.

#2: To demonstrate the value of mentorship. Look, success doesn’t come easy, and no one manages to make their dreams a reality without a combination of hard work and others opening and holding the door for them from time to time. This is my way of ‘mentoring you on my mistakes and successes’. As this course is the exact roadmap I wish I had when I was starting out in private practice 10 years ago.

#3: And because I’m sick of all these “twitter gurus” ranting and raving and telling you just need to strengthen this and strengthen that and everything will be sorted when it’s clearly not that easy. This course will show you how to look at the body as a whole, respect the nervous system, and implement exercises that get results.

Make sense?

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There’s a couple of bonuses in there to help you implement this content even easier so have a read of everything you’ll get…for now.

Talk soon,

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